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Leading people is not meant for everyone.  

Few figures in the entertainment industry are more trusted than SmitBDMCEO. His background and expertise in the music business have helped countless artists secure record deals with mainstream labels, Sirius XM Radio interviews, branding partnerships, celebrity business joint ventures, and live performance events. 

There is no question: SmitBDMCEO has a genuine passion for helping up-and-coming artists achieve their musical dream. To accomplish his client's goals, he spends time getting to know each client and the unique circumstance of their business, so he can tailor strategies to meet their needs.  

SmitBDMCEO creates unorthodox genius blueprints for artists to achieve prosperity in the music industry. SmitBDMCEO's God-given instincts and human Midas Touch enable him to illuminate an artist's most valuable assets.  

Traveling from the block to the boardroom is a road less traveled in rap culture. SmitBDMCEO possesses a relentless incomparable work ethic, allowing him to open unthinkable doors of opportunity in the business world. Navigating through a multibillion-dollar shark-infested market is not made for dolphins. SmitBDMCEO is a 'killer whale' in the ocean of Hip-Hop.  

SmitBDMCEO is the light emerging artists follow to destiny.  

Understanding the difference between effort and results is what separates  SmitBDMCEO from the 'average business manager'. He's the ultimate 'Swiss Army' knife in the music game, and his name moves like an American Express Black card throughout the entertainment business sectors.  

Taking shots of DeLeón Tequila with Diddy on South Beach or having a million-dollar conversation with the iconic journalist 'Sway' from 'Sway in the morning,' SmitBDMCEO embodies the essence of #RESULTSANDNOHYPE. Heading into 2023, SmitBDMCEO continues to build bridges of endless opportunities for uncut diamonds in Hip-Hop culture. 


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