Torhop offers high-quality wash-off face masks based on its research on the 2,000-year history of Finnish sauna




It is estimated that the sauna culture in Finland first began in the ancient northern province of “Novgorod” about 2,000 years ago. What was possibly the first sauna was underground and made in the sand. The word sauna is believed to be derived from the Finnish word “savuna”, which means “in the smoke”.

What is the reason behind the 2000-year or more history of heavy sweating in the smoke?

Actually, using a sauna is really good for your skin. It is the best way to eliminate toxins from your body. The high temperature in a sauna causes heavy sweating and opens up your pores, allowing you to sweat out toxins hidden in the pores. As a result, toxins are removed from the skin, pores are minimized, and the skin becomes softer.

Salt is an integral part of a sauna. If you rub salt on your skin while in a sauna, it sterilizes and disinfects the skin. The osmotic action helps reduce swelling and remove the dirt from the pores, which makes the skin smoother.



Finnish-style wellness life brand Torhop ( has developed its Saunan Heating Salt Mask based on the Finnish heritage of sauna and salt along with its “heating system”. As soon as you apply the product to your skin you will feel like you're in a Finnish sauna.


Easily remove dirt from the skin at home with Torhop’s heating system


Torhop has focused on the benefits of sauna and has found that the remaining dirt under the skin will affect its overall condition, and the sauna is the most effective method to remove that remaining dirt.

Dirt that is deep under the skin causes blocked pores and poor circulation, often resulting in enlarged pores and causing skin trouble along with sweat and waste. This is why some famous skincare clinics offer dirt removal services. Unfortunately, these are very expensive procedures.



To successfully remove dirt from deep under the skin, Torhop has developed Saunan Heating Salt Mask through its unique heating system* which contains ingredients such as salt, seawater, and Finnish birch sap.

It realized the importance of face masks, which have been somewhat neglected in the skincare market, in improving your overall skin condition.


Ranked No. 1 in market share and became the most-searched wash-off mask two months after its launch in the Korean market


Opening a new horizon for wash-off masks

Saunan Heating Salt Mask (also known as Sauna Heating salt mask or Saunan Heat Salt mask) became the most-searched wash-off mask two months after its initial launch in Korea, fast establishing itself in the K-Beauty market. Why?



First, Saunan Heating Salt Mask was developed through the joint research and development with Kolmar, one of the top manufacturing companies for K-Beauty products and the first to obtain a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certification in Korea. Accordingly, customer satisfaction with the quality remains high.



Saunan Heating Salt Mask is a natural scrub that contains salt and soft sugar, which are good for exfoliation, and Finnish blueberry extract and birch sap, which help soothe and moisturize your skin. Its efficacy was proven through thermal tests and hypo-allergenic tests.

Torhop’s face masks are globally available on Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Rakuten, and Q10.


Visit the official website of Torhop for more information.


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