From Being the Only American To Be Accepted By The French Comite’ To Being The Founder and CEO Of The Only Black Owned Champagne Company In The World And Expanding The Company To More Products-Such As Water And Cognac

A natural-born leader, businessman, and the only American to be accepted by the French Comite’ Champagne (CIVC) and Announced the First-Ever Governmental Approval For American Ownership and Branding of French Champagne are just some of the accomplishments of William Benson.

William Benson is the founder and CEO of "Billionaires Row," a worldwide luxury business that creates, develops, and promotes upscale products for the upmarket, trend-setting consumer of today. Since its debut, Billionaires Row, which is the only black-owned champagne company in the world, has been sold in several international markets all over the world.

Billionaires Row has advanced so far in such a short period of time, presenting itself as a company with a special desire for distinction, exclusivity, and originality.

Numerous international trademarks are held by Billionaires Row. Billionaires Row is an organization that focuses on developing cutting-edge worldwide marketing tactics with distinctive branding and income sources such as charitable contributions. The "Pink Diamond" of Champagnes, Billionaires Row's new vintage Cuvee Billionaires Row Brut Rose Grand Cru, has been successfully introduced to the market.

Billionaires Row is expanding from champagne to water and cognac. A precise pH 9.5 alkalinity for bodily hydration is now accessible in Billionaire Row Water. For regeneration and metabolic equilibrium, alkaline water restores the body's ideal pH balance. Reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and ozone are used to clean locally supplied water before it is naturally alkalinized.



A clean, smooth, distinctive, pH 9.5 alkaline water product is created by harmonizing the water's molecular structure inside the Billionaires Row Water factory. There is no PET plastic being used in Billionaires Row water

William Benson is also an expert in arranging and negotiating difficult business deals. He makes use of his broad network of contacts in the media and technology sectors to assist clients in gaining attention, forging business partnerships, and successfully launching their products. William is committed to increasing financial literacy at all societal levels.

Apart from “Billionaires Row,” William founded and is the proprietor of Benson & Benson, a privately held international consulting and real estate investment firm with offices in Manhattan that specializes in creating and putting into practice real estate investment solutions.

Also, William most recently held the position of Senior Manager at Tyche Capital Fund, a private asset management company that has more than $2 billion in managed assets. For customers that included Fortune 500 organizations, start-up media, and developing technology companies, he oversaw the execution of private transactions and created profits.


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