Elucid Magazine has set the date for its next fashion show, FashionHub - Ethically Designed NYFW, for September 11, 2021.


14 designers will headline this year’s event, showcasing designs and concepts that align with sustainably, and ethically manufactured products. As industries across the globe continue to emphasize reducing their carbon footprint, we have taken an active role as a platform for expressing the voices pushing for greater sustainability in fashion.

The event brings together designers, prominent innovators, thought partners, in sustainability, circular and ethical fashion, and vegan fashion trends within the NYC fashion industry. Other themes for this year’s event include an emphasis on cruelty-free, slow fashion, up-cycling and recycling, thrifting, swapping, and renting.

The World Bank reported in 2019 that the global fashion industry is currently responsible for approximately 10% of all greenhouse gases produced annually. To counter this, designers and companies within the fashion industry are starting to embrace alternative forms of production, including innovative textiles, improved manufacturing processes, and an emphasis on recycling and up-cycling. This year’s FashionHub event will highlight the work being done towards greater sustainability within the industry and is an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming and veteran designers alike to meet and discuss the shift towards sustainability.



Ankit Rauniyar
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Designers apply here: https://forms.gle/dhitrvGZsriPvYHu5
Attend: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fashionhub-ethically-designed-nyfw-tickets-155689897675


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