E-cigarettes declined in popularity between 2017 and 2020, which was certainly welcomed by public health officials. To their dismay, however, new research supported by the AHA shows that daily e-cigarette use has been increasing among U.S. adults in recent months. This represents a dangerous transition to more nicotine dependence.

E-cigarettes have consistently showcased unreliability as a nicotine cessation tool, impacting a user’s physical and mental wellness. Luckily, more alternatives are available. These alternatives allow a user access to nicotine while minimizing the harmful effects that come with vapes or e-cigarettes.

The answer? Smokeless NRT options. Keep reading for a closer look.


Less dangerous chemicals 

Johns Hopkins research questions vapes' reduced-risk claims, as vape products have been found to contain at least 2000 potentially harmful chemicals. These are often released in the process of heating the e-cigarette liquid, accompanying the vapor that gets absorbed in the user’s lungs.

Smokeless NRT options, on the other hand, make use of synthetic nicotine made in a lab by medical experts. This ensures that it has the same chemical properties as nicotine derived from plants, and can promote cessation with regulated use without the involvement of actual tobacco leaves. This decreases the number of dangerous chemicals that can harm the user’s health in the long run.


More flavor options

Just like e-cigarettes, smokeless NRTs tend to carry a wide variety of flavors. However, an advantage that smokeless NRTs may have is the quality of their unflavoured products.

Unflavoured nicotine products have increased in popularity following the global flavor ban. Users of flavorless vape juices tend to report an unpleasant and bland experience. Some users have also noted that unflavoured vape juices available on sites like Vapor Vapes tend to have a faint sweetness due to vegetable glycerine.

On the other hand, the unflavoured nicotine pouches stocked on Prilla have been recognized as a consistent favorite for adults because of their pure nicotine experience. This is a cleaner way to enjoy nicotine without any sweeteners or tobacco. This also means that users can travel stress-free to countries with flavor bans without having to worry about nicotine cravings holding them back.


More discreet profile

The vapor from e-cigarettes can inconvenience bystanders. This justifies the increase of smoking bans in public places, especially after smoking bans around the world have proven their effectiveness in maintaining public health. In contrast, smokeless NRT products can be used at any time, including moments when you’re out in public parks, on the subway, or in the company of non-smokers.


Improved skin health

Did you know that you can consume a perfectly healthy diet and regular exercise, but still have lackluster skin if you are regularly exposed to smoke? In our previous write-up on Reasons for Dull Skin, smoke was listed alongside smog and sunshine as producers of free radicals. These are aging particles that can harm your skin's protective layer and cause it to lose its glow.

Smokeless NRT products like the topical nicotine patch allow your body to directly absorb nicotine without having to come into contact with smoke and any of its accompanying toxicities. However, make sure to rotate the patch to a different site each day to avoid any mild irritation from the foreign chemicals.


Better teeth maintenance

Several of the harmful chemicals found in e-cigarettes have been associated with traditional combustion products or cigarettes. The pattern of this relationship manifests further in similar risk factors for the development of gum disease according to the NIH. This means that vaping can be the reason for you losing your perfect smile! Switching to smokeless and tobacco-less NRTs means you don't have to worry about yellow or damaged teeth.

With time and a little effort, e-cigarette users can make the switch to smokeless NRT options. Choose the right product and dose, and you can surely reap their benefits for a healthier, safer nicotine experience.

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