Living fearlessly and limitlessly is an essential skill set. 

In 2024, the perspective of Generation Z artists is unfiltered, boundless, and expansive. The primary objective is to create unequalled and compelling visual and auditory content at the apex of quality. These creators, belonging to Generation Z, operate in a realm devoid of fear, where their interpretation of existence is a life lived without remorse or traditional concessions. 

The ability to discern concealed truths within contemporary society is evident in their artistic audio and visual works. Generation Z artists shed light on the genuine charm, fervor, and somber aspects of existence. For them, challenging authority transcends mere verbiage and becomes a way of life. Their approach to work is firm and unwavering, with a clear emphasis on delivering lyrical content that empowers, which has become a recurring motif for these young go-getters. 

The Recording Artist and Entrepreneur, 780 MASOCHIST, epitomizes this fresh wave of self-reliant Generation Z go-getters in 2024. His music serves as an outlet for those unheard, echoing the profound feelings, thoughts, and wishes prevalent in contemporary youth culture. Artistically, 780 MASOCHIST crafts a psychological framework of creative liberty, enhanced by his unique inclusion of life wisdom nuggets. This emerging voice stems from Canada, marking one of the latest additions to the global music scene. 

In late 2023, 780 MASOCHIST partnered with RADIOPUSHERS to broaden his international digital presence. Presently, he is augmenting his fan base across multiple platforms and geographical locations. 780 MASOCHIST is projected to gain 750 fresh subscribers, through email and phone registrations, by April 2024. 

RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST offer premium growth-centric platforms and strategies that empower musicians to engage with genuine individuals who align with their target audience. 


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