Amber Martinez, Shares Favorite Holiday Traditions

With the holidays shortly approaching, we reached out to Amber Martinez, to see what her favorite things to do during the holidays are. Amber Martinez, has been on many television shows, including such show titles as “Why Women Kill”, “68 Whiskey”, “NCIS”, “Homeland”, “Euphoria”, and “Dollface”. Amber has also appeared in many films, also including these films “Senior Entourage” opposite Ed Asner and Mark Rydell, “The Employer”, “Rough Night”, “Back to Lyla”, “Bond of Justice: Kizuna”, and “Dead Ant”.

Q: What is one of your favorite holiday memories?
A: One of my favorite holiday memories, is when I first learned to ice skate. I remember that my grandfather took me out, to this ice rink, that was really a frozen over lake with a skate rental area. So not really a rink, but the nearby city had called it that. I was so scared, that I wouldn’t let go of my grandfather’s hand. Now, I go ice skating at least once, during the holidays. There’s just something so magical about the feel of ice and the scent of trees, that really brings the holiday feelings on.

Q: Do you make any holiday treats?
A: My mother, grandmother, and I usually make sugar cookies. We listen to a lot of Christmas music and decorate them together. When I was younger, I made these ugly snowman cookies. My cookie decorating skills have massively improved since then.

Q: We know you like making cookies, but do you make anything else?
A: I really enjoy cooking and find it very relaxing. When I host holiday parties, I like to make traditional dishes, like beef wellington, rack of lamb, herb roasted chicken, puff pastries, vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, and more.

Q: Do you do any charity work during the holidays?
A: I love to volunteer year-round. During the holidays, I participate in special toy drives for children, to spread holiday happiness. For the Concern Foundation, I donated toys for pediatric cancer patients.


Q: Do you have a Christmas tree or a holiday wreath in your home?
A: I have both. I love decorating for the holidays. I always get a real tree and a real wreath, no plastic. The smell of the tree makes me happy and really makes it feel like the holidays. There is just something about that smell, that makes the holidays seem real. I decorate my tree and wreath with all kinds of gold ornaments, ribbons, lights, and I have an angel for the top of the tree.

Q: What is another tradition, that you always must do during the holidays?
A: My grandmother and I, always watch the classic clay animation Christmas movies and Disney holiday movies. We drink hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and talk about family memories. Sometimes I fall asleep next to the fireplace, it is so cozy. My two dogs sit next to me too. My grandmother’s dog is a lot larger, but she snuggles by my grandmother’s feet.



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