Ok, so we have an adoration for all things British here in the states, from the Royals to their sophistication, their accent, and of course, the “London Look” from one of the fashion capitals of the world. Enter Zafari, a British 100% natural, high-end cosmetics company based in London.

Zafari’s primary and solitary current product sets a high bar for the rest, I am informed, soon to follow this year and next. Their current creation is a Stem-Cell-Active Botox Moisturiser, which without further paragraphs of text, right from the get-go, let me say is unassumingly outstanding. The Zafari cream is 100% natural but the miracle cream relies on quite a few components you will recognize and perhaps a few you don’t. Firstly, it’s based is Apricot kernel oil blended with Coconut oil, Shea butter, and Oat silk. These elements are filled with natural antioxidants like Vitamin E. The cream then exploits the very well-known effect of Hyaluronic Acid for line-reducing and plumping. Zafari then uses a less known ingredient called Centella Asiatica. This is commonly known as Gotu kola, which is indigenous to the marshlands of Asia.

I have to be truthful and say I needed to google this, but extracts have been found to calm inflammation, stimulate new cell growth, and build collagen. It’s been used as a skin medicine for thousands of years and only recently been picked up by the western cosmetics industry. I’d imagine this is where Zafari gets its near $700 price tag from, especially given the other brands that utilize it, such as ElizaVeca, in their Centella Asiatica Serum, charge more than $2,000 per product. By contrast, Zafari is reasonably priced. As a further indulgence and I guess “because they can” Zafari have added Frankincense as an enriching element. Rumour persists that Zafari was a cult-brand making highly expensive and bespoke, small-run items for celebrities, such as moisturising creams, bath products and perfumes etc. True or not, from unboxing the item you can see the product is “serious”. The container isn’t like something you have gotten before. It’s sophisticated, lustrous, silver, tied up with a black satin bow.

This cream is fantastic and within just two days of use, I am confident you will see the effects that I have. Five Stars.



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