ARTISTNAMELEON evolution is a breath of fresh air in Hip-Hop.  

Life is constant change, adaption, self-examination, and calculated risks. Music is the world's universal language, and one song can change the world. Music consumption during COVID-19 was at an all-time high. Music's power creates an alternative universe for people to exist, dream, and actualize their life's purpose. 


God's gift of music is the ultimate attribute to greatness. Music is a soundtrack to a person's daily life story. Where would be without 'Slippin' by 'DMX,' 'Dear Mama' by Tupac, 'One More Chance' by Notorious B.I.G., and 'If I Ruled The World' by NAS? Music marks time and these epic songs become essential pieces of a person's life puzzle.    

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur ARTISTNAMELEON represents the new breed of Millennial music creativity. ARTISTNAMELEON's journey in music from Valdosta, Georgia, to Paris reflects a hustler's ambition. ARTISTNAMELEON's music is a rare combination of chillwave, calculated emotional reflection, gifted melodic instincts, and signature culturally seasoned rap flow.    

ARTISTNAMELEON's music possesses an undeniable audio mass appeal experience and captivates the listener's imagination. ARTISTNAMELEON's creative methodology is literally a scientific formula of brilliance.   

Since 2017, ARTISTNAMELEON digital music catalog has eclipsed 3,000,000+ streams across all significant DSPs. His track 'Make It Work' went viral on Spotify's algorithm and generated 700,000+ streams. Spotify organically added 'Make It Work' to its 'Discover Weekly' playlist, and the rest was history.    

ARTISTNAMELEON is 100% independent, and all his business moves are self-funded. ARTISTNAMELEON is globally recognized, and his listening audience extends across 3 continents. ARTISTNAMELEON is protective of his art and understands the importance of building an authentic legacy.    

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for ELUCID Magazine and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. Jonathan P-Wright is the CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.    

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