Trends come and go for everything – even weddings. You’re not likely going to see crinoline frocks and hand gloves in every ceremony in this day and age, after all. In fact, some of the biggest wedding planning trends for the year include colorful maximalism, shorter guest lists, and interactive activities, among other things. 

While all of that lends itself to the idea of partying and lively music, the increasing usage of Spotify playlists and DJ sets at the press of a button begs the bigger question: is having a wedding band still a thing?


A Band for the Wedding



There are actually still plenty of wedding bands for hire across the globe that cover different genres. You’ll often find the most popular ones being well-versed in different musical styles to fit the tastes of different couples. Getting a band for your wedding isn’t just about supporting local talent. There’s something about live music that can really set the mood in a special and romantic way. On top of that, experienced bands can adjust their set list as needed just from reading the room. 

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll likely want to have a specific feel to the music that plays as it sets the tone for the whole thing. You can also ensure that you get the genres you like while appealing to different groups of people in your guest list. If both your grandma and your nephew are bopping to the beat, then you know it’s a good set. 

Wedding bands are also well-versed in the most romantic songs and are even to make a specialized mix and arrangement to highlight the tunes that are specific to your story. There is a skill level that is worth the investment, hence lots of people still prefer to get the services of a good band. In fact, a Nielsen study found that most people still prefer live music to digital. 

This rings especially true for couples that had to delay their wedding plans due to the pandemic. After years of restrictions and separation, there is a huge desire for connection and interaction. This is why live festivals and concerts have become in demand despite the heavy hit of inflation in 2023. While many musicians and others in the industry are still working through recovery, it’s a great time to get a band for the perfect wedding tracklist. 


Music and Memories


The soundtrack to your wedding does wonders for the memories that stay long after you’ve said “I do.” More than just filling up any dead air, music can associate many lasting memories from your best moments. Many couples end up forgetting key details from their big day because of the stress that comes with planning and keeping everything in motion. Some well-placed music can do wonders in stirring those fluttering memories through the sea of chaos.  

Countless studies have shown that music is a key factor in making memories flood back. This is the same reason music is used as a therapeutic tool for individuals with memory-related conditions. The right song can stir vivid memories and bring up feelings in an intense way, so it’s better to have a good song and some fun times to look back on. 

Having a band also gives you the chance to have some fun with your guests. Some of the best moments are unplanned and come from a night of revelry with people who are all comfortable with each other. Science also dictates that listening to music with people and seeing this produced in real life helps everybody feel more positive and social. When you’re managing different personalities during a wedding, this can be a godsend. 

These are the same reasons why popular DJs have also turned to weddings and block parties. Even huge music stars like Taylor Swift have performed live for special fans at their own nuptials. When you seek out pure energy and emotion for your wedding, you can get this easily from an artist who really cares about their work. At the end of the day, it’s about working with people who can collaborate to achieve what you want when celebrating your love. 



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