In the vibrant tapestry of the beauty industry, one brand has emerged, not just to adorn lips but to paint a canvas of empowerment and support. Founded in 2018 by Lola Maurice-Diya in Chico California, Beauty Vaulte has swiftly etched its mark with an array of lip essentials that redefine beauty as a catalyst for change.

At the heart of Beauty Vaulte lies a trio of transformative lip products: the precision of lip liners, the mesmerizing allure of liquid luster lipsticks, and the resilient radiance of long-lasting wear matte lipsticks. But what truly sets Beauty Vaulte apart isn’t just the unparalleled quality of their products—it's the soulful commitment to a cause beyond cosmetics.

Choosing Beauty Vaulte isn’t merely a choice of beauty; it’s a statement of solidarity. With each purchase, 5 percent of profits flow to a noble cause—supporting survivors of domestic violence through a dedicated charitable organization. This isn’t just philanthropy; it’s a pledge to be the voice of change, to amplify the resilience of those who have endured and empower those seeking to break free from the shadows.

"Beauty transcends the surface; it’s about feeling empowered, confident, and valued," remarks the founder, whose vision birthed Beauty Vaulte from a desire to intertwine beauty with purpose. This vision permeates through the company’s ethos, reflected not just in their exceptional products but in the advocacy that threads through every aspect of their brand.

The "One En Four" page stands as a testament—a haven of resources, stories, and support, inviting visitors to join a community rallying for a brighter, more compassionate world. It’s a virtual sanctuary where Beauty Vaulte extends its hand, inviting everyone to be a part of the change, to be the beauty that heals wounds and ignites hope.


Choosing Beauty Vaulte isn’t just about embracing exquisite lip products; it’s about becoming a part of a movement—an inclusive, compassionate, and empowering movement that celebrates the resilience and beauty within every individual. It’s about painting a world where beauty isn’t just adorned on lips but resides within the very fabric of humanity.

Step into Beauty Vaulte, not just for lipstick but for a journey that transcends beauty—a journey that colors the world with compassion, resilience, and unwavering support.

Beauty Vaulte—where every purchase paints a brighter tomorrow.



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