In the heart of the cinematic world, emerging talents often grace the screen with narratives that transcend borders and challenge perspectives. "Broken Layers," the 18th short film from the SMC Film Program, stands as a poignant testament to this, offering viewers a humanist portrayal of the Iraq War and its aftermath through the eyes of Rosa, a half-Latina, half-Arab U.S. Marine.

Released on YouTube a year ago, "Broken Layers" has since captured the attention of film enthusiasts and critics alike, earning accolades at prestigious festivals globally. The film's success is underscored by its ability to weave a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of war, identity, and resilience.

The film has been honored with awards such as the Best Student Film at the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase during the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Its exploration of the human experience in the midst of conflict resonated with audiences, earning it the title of Best Live Action Short Film at the London Shorts Film Festival. The accolades continued with recognition at the Toronto Feedback Film Festival, where "Broken Layers" secured the Best Short Film award.

Beyond the awards circuit, the film has also been a finalist at prestigious festivals like The Hague Global Cinema Festival in the Netherlands and the Vancouver Independent Film Festival. Such recognition underscores the film's impact and its ability to engage audiences on a global scale.

"Broken Layers" is more than a collection of laurels; it's a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and empathy. Rosa's journey as a U.S. Marine with a unique heritage adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, allowing audiences to connect with the broader human experience that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

The film's official selections at festivals like the Blowup Arthouse Film Festival in Chicago and the Switzerland International Film Festival further highlight its universal appeal. Its inclusion in the Pasadena International Film Festival solidifies "Broken Layers" as a noteworthy contribution to the world of independent cinema.

For those yet to experience the emotional depth of "Broken Layers," the film is available on YouTube. It stands as a reminder that storytelling has the power to bridge gaps, offering viewers an opportunity to witness the human side of war and the strength that emerges from broken layers.

In the hands of the SMC Film Program, "Broken Layers" not only showcases emerging talent but also contributes to a cinematic landscape that values narratives capable of transcending borders and fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.

LINK TO VIEW: Broken Layers


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