The space-based brand Broken Planet is on a mission to improve the environment and make streetwear more sustainable. The brand has over 50,000 global customers and an astounding 450,000 followers on social media. The eye-catching designs of Broken Planet are available in a variety of oversized silhouettes with an earthy and neutral color palette. The pieces feature a lot of hand-drawn text and graphics, along with a mixture of puff print printing on every side of their clothing. It's unlikely that you haven't seen this brand on your page given their recent rapid growth.

The Power Duo That Created Broken Planet Brand

Lukas Žvikas and his partner Indre Narbutaite founded the sustainability-focused brand. Originally from Lithuania, the couple currently runs one of the most influential and rapidly expanding streetwear brands in London. The pair had grown up there and were long-distance lovers who were both studying overseas. While Indre studied international tourist management in the UK, Lukas studied software engineering in New York. Every few months, they would get together and take trips that served as inspiration for their brand. New York Fashion Week and Bali are two of them.

The brand was founded in July 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. In a Tiktok post at the time, Indre mentioned that she was losing her job, but the brand didn't release its first item until September 2020. While Indre works primarily on social media, Lukas concentrates more on the production and warehousing aspects of things. Lukas also notes that Indre and a friend founded a brand, but Indre believed the two of them could accomplish more by working together to create a brand that people recognize for its values as much as its clothing. 

The couple mentioned that space, New York, Travis Scott, and Kanye are all sources of inspiration for their designs. The name Broken Planet comes from the fact that many of the designs are also influenced by sustainability and the state of the world today. They've also been inspired to use eco-friendly shipping bags and materials, as well as premium recycled fabric for their clothing, in an effort to lessen their impact on the environment. All of this is in line with their objective of shifting public perception of what it takes to manage a sustainable brand.

In an interview with Hypebeast, Broken Planet Said

“We don’t do it to make sure we get sales, we just use sustainability to help our thought process internally and to know that’s how we make decisions we don’t think that we need to scream and shout about it.”

On top of that, they have a very open design process, which they highlight on the Broken Planet YouTube channel, which has 5,000 subscribers.

Broken Planet Hoodies And Why They Are So Popular

It can be difficult to find clothing that is both stylish and sustainable in a society where fast fashion rules. But for ethical shoppers, the Broken Planet Hoodie proves to be a ray of hope. This article examines the distinctive qualities of this environmentally friendly clothing, emphasizing its style, composition, and message.

The typical design or graphic on a "broken planet" hoodie shows Earth or a planet in a distressed or fractured state. This could be an imaginative take on climate change, environmental issues, or the notion that our planet needs to be fixed. These hoodies are frequently linked to themes of activism, environmentalism, or bringing attention to problems concerning the health of the earth. Explore this selection of Broken Planet hoodies to learn more about the true nature of this company.


  • The "Lost in Space" Hoodie is an intriguing and motivating voyage into space with an amazing design. For people who have dreams of space travel and beyond, the Broken Planet Hoodie is ideal.
  • The theme of this piece is turning from darkness to light. The "Out Of The Shadow" Hoodie is a story that represents perseverance and the beauty of change.
  • The "So Many Planets" Hoodie is a must-have for anyone who recognizes the size of the universe. It serves as a reminder of the countless opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.
  • The "True Love" Hoodie is an ode to emotion and passion. For individuals who show their emotions through their clothing, this blend of art and emotion is ideal.
  • The "Am I The Only One" hoodie is ideal for people who don't mind being different and dare to stand out. This hoodie appeals to those who value autonomy.
  • Ø  The "Broken Hearts" Hoodie is a powerful and poignant tribute to love and its complexity, speaking to everyone who has ever loved and lost someone.

Broken Planet Marketing

Transparency is a cornerstone of Broken Planets' marketing approach. It is ingrained in their brand. Their style of presenting the clothes is very natural and carefree, as can be seen by looking at their feed. Unlike the more popular approach of utilizing product photos and models. Like their designs and inspirations, their feed is eye-catching and loud. The laid-back vibes I'm talking about are reinforced by their usage of YouTube, BeReal, and a page devoted to their dog.

With 217k Instagram followers and 262K Tiktok followers, the brand has amassed an amazing and devoted following that excitedly anticipates the company's next move. In addition, Luke Akoto and other streetwear influencers can be used by Broken Planet Market to showcase their clothing to their impressively large social media following. All things considered, the brand has an amazing social media presence. In fact, Tiktok was the reason the brand took off and became so popular in the streetwear scene during the pandemic.

Community Involvement

Involvement in the community is equally as crucial to Broken Planet's interactions with clients. Broken Planet Market held its inaugural pop-up store on July 30, 2022. The pop-up store was located in Shoreditch, London, and featured several rooms with distinct themes. The moon room, planet of ice room, desert planet room, planet of life room, and spaceship room were the themes of the pop-up. Broken Planet made sure every room had the right temperature, lighting, and scents to match the surrounding area. This attention to detail highlights how the company constantly prioritizes customer satisfaction. Being ethical and sustainable is one of the brand's core values, so food and drink sponsors who upheld these ideals were present at the pop-up event.

Besides that, Broken Planet runs a charity of its own to support the environment. The Broken Planet Foundation seeks to raise funds for environmental projects that their target audience selects. They declared that by actively participating and involving the local community, they will address these different problems. They plan to raise funds through their occasional "Friends & Family" raffles and their Broken Friday drops, where they offer imperfect stock for sale. They have raised more than £70,000 thus far!


Broken Planet’s future

Broken Planet's goal is to make long-lasting, sustainable clothing that will last a lifetime. Lukas and Indrè emphasize to HYPEBEAST, "We don't even mention our sustainability anymore. We don't do it to make sure we get sales; we just use sustainability to help our thought process internally and to know that's how we make decisions." Tactical social media marketing strategies are successful in helping Broken Planet promote its brand while educating the younger generation about sustainability and the direction of fashion.


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