Chloe Polo, the jewelry subscription box provider, is ready to challenge the status quo in the jewelry industry as it announces its official launch.


Founder of the self-named brand Chloe Polo is a 31-year-old entrepreneur based in England, with a passion for affordable jewelry and women's empowerment. The UK-based company is focused on bringing affordable fashion jewelry to the market in a new way.

Chloe Polo offers a collection of premium quality, carefully crafted jewelry pieces and accessories for women. The brand stands out for offering a combination of quality and relative affordability, with each item hand-picked and concealed in eco-friendly packaging.  

In addition to getting exclusive jewelry pieces, subscribers also enjoy access to different reward programs that include personalized gifts and curated experiences. There are also plans to work with independent jewelry brands in 2023 to develop collaborative collections.




Why did you create Chloe Polo?

Chloe Polo: I have always loved jewelry and wanted to create my own jewelry brand. I found that the space is filled with a lot of established brands that sell individual pieces and I wanted to tap into that market but in a new direction. Having followed brands such as Birchbox and Glossybox, I quickly realized that there aren't many brands that exclusively offer women a monthly jewelry subscription box, so I decided to create my own


How would you sum up the jewelry category and aesthetic of Chloe Polo?

CP: Chloe Polo is a brand that provides women with an alternative method of buying jewelry, by focusing on the element of discovery. It’s exciting receiving packages that include items that are not only stunning but least expected compared to what is currently on the market

Our aesthetic is simple. yet elegant with a little bit extra!



How does the subscription work if jewelry is a personal choice?

CP: I understand that jewelry is personal to women, and this may pose a challenge in the subscription model, but we also appreciate that women love to discover new trends. My team and I work really hard to ensure that all pieces are unique but can be worn by the majority of our customers. We appreciate that some pieces may not be to the wearer's taste. so we encourage them to give them to their friends and families, if so. We include a package in each box for gifting.


What are the key values of your company?

CP: Design, quality, and providing exceptional customer service, and experience, at an affordable price. We strive to provide what our customers would like to receive in their boxes while maintaining a balance between price and quality. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.  

We also want to ensure that our subscribers have the best experience, not only when receiving their boxes but also as part of the Chloe Polo community. We have worked very hard to create a reward program for our subscribers where they can enjoy many perks of being a part of the community. Examples of some of the perks include gift cards to popular fashion brands, curated experiences depending on their interests, and invitation to events. We work continuously to improve the program and welcome feedback from the community to make sure that they enjoy being a part of it.



Tell us about the process from selecting your jewelry to landing on your customers’ doorstep…

CP: We're very careful about creating quality products that will be well loved, so we only launch a product after it has been carefully tested. We've been working with the same suppliers for a while, so the communication between the two is ongoing, open, and strong. We intensely care about delivering pieces that we know our customers can wear for a long time. We also want to ensure that customers can style each piece in a way that suits their aesthetic, so we avoid pieces that are too out there!

We also never launch a product until it has been carefully tested by the team. We want to make sure that our customers can wear our pieces for a long time, and that they can style them in a way that suits their taste. Therefore, we always build in a "wear test" period of at least 12 weeks before adding them to our collections.


What's the best piece of advice that you can give to someone who wants to launch their own jewelry brand?

CP: Just do it! It's hard to create a business in a market that is already saturated, but that's the beauty of learning. Be prepared to fail, but learn from those failings and pick yourself back up as quickly as possible. 

I have a background in digital marketing, so I appreciate just how important it is to build a brand that customers can connect with digitally. In my experience, it has been fascinating to see how deeply we can connect with our customers virtually. It's cliche to say but follow your dreams. Many brands that exist today started as an idea.


For more information about the Chloe Polo brand, the subscription service, and to get your early access invitation visit:




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