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The power and impact of Hip-Hop culture.

Rap music generates in excess of ten billion dollars annually. Influencing every race, creed, and nationality worldwide. Rap culture sets fashion, business, technology, social justice, and politics trends. Hip-Hop provides therapeutic relief for young people traveling on the road to success. Hip-Hop creates musical prophets inside youth culture. Their lyrical vision provides a blueprint for survival, self-worth, empowerment, and personal growth. Hip-Hop is the most polarizing movement in mankind's history. From DJ Cool Herc to LL Cool J, rap music is iconic and will continue to reshape the world's perspectives.     

Christian Vior's latest single lands on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami  

Major Recording Artist Christian Vior's latest music release, 'Wavy' has captured critical acclaim from numerous DJs, FM radio programmers, and music executives. 'Wavy' defines Christian Vior's creative dynamism and distinctive Hip-Hop delivery.  'Wavy' caught the attention of DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is powered and distributed by iHeartRadio. Wesley Williams aka DJ WESWILL, holds the position EVP of music curation for DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami and RADIOPUSHERS.  

DJ WESWILL immediately noticed the intricate swag and charisma in Christian Vior's music. DJ WESWILL premiered 'WAVY' live inside his weekly music review session powered by Spotify Greenroom. DJ WESWILL admonished Christian Vior to bet on himself and to commit to constantly improving his sound. 

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