Creativity is God-gifted, but it’s on you to keep the spark alive and polish yourself to become what you have always wanted to be. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a manual. You have to navigate through it by learning from your personal experiences.

Those who follow their passion despite all the difficulties and hardships are the people who can sleep peacefully at night because they know that they did their best to be what they always wanted to be.


If your passion is music, then you must know that the music industry is a gamble and tough business. You could give your one hundred percent best and still not get your big break. No matter how great of an artist you are, the risk is always there. However, it didn’t stop Crystal Sierra from pursuing her one true passion –music.

Although she is an accomplished actress and has many hits in Hollywood, including “Poetic Justice” and much more, she still wanted to explore her potential in the world of music, and we are so glad she did.

Crystal Sierra’s latest commercial release, “Breaking Dishes,” is all about women's empowerment of women of all nationalities, colors, and races. This song is just the thing that you need to hear if you are a woman and going through a rough phase of your life. It’ll give you a blueprint of healing from the deepest scar and rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Crystal Sierra is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  Crystal Sierra partnered with RADIOPUSHERS in March of 2021 for a strategic marketing partnership. 


Crystal Sierra proves George Eliot’s quote quite right:

It’s never too late to be what you could have been.”

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