BEVERLY HILLS - Our staff writers made numerous attempts to contact Sr. Roy Andrade at Cyber Boy Corp. during 2020 and were forwarded to voicemail with no success. We finally got a hold of the sleepless CTO this month and begged him to spare a minute of his time to speak with one of our representatives. The 6’4 businessman appeared muddled, but, willing to start a FaceTime session with our reporter and began the conversation with a yawn. He gave us more than what we bargained for and provided a short quote for publication.

Sr. Roy Andrade, Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Boy Corp., “We we’re off to a good start at the beginning of 2021, but, the unforeseen occurred, but, as of May, 8, 2021, we’ve replaced our Head of Software Engineering with an MIT grad and will deliver one of the most widely used chess games on the face of this earth this year. Cyber Boy Corp. is back on track. I don’t like to use the word best. Its such a cheap word. I like to use the word, better, and that’s exactly what we are, better!”

Cyber Boy Corp. experienced various issues in April due to its Head of Software Engineering contracting Covid-19 and its Chief Technology Officer quarantined himself forcing the company to stop production on its 3D chess game. According to Sr. Roy Andrade, Cyber Boy Corp. is back on track and will deliver its fans the much anticipated 3D chess game this year. 

Shawn Anderson, CFO, Cyber Boy Corp., “Sr. Roy Andrade informed me back in April that labor costs account for 64 percent of a business organization's expenses and that we needed to hire additional employees to keep our team a cut above the rest. So, we shoveled $230,000 into two of the smartest job applicants that Cyber Boy Corp. could interview, and like he said, ‘We are back on track.’”

Sr. Roy Andrade is rumored to be working with Ms. Christina M. Robbins, Visual Art Designer, to get her take on Cyber Boy Corp.’s digital assets and environments. Visit Cyber Boy Corp.’s official website, and IG at @CyberBoyCorp.


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