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Survival is based upon adaptability.  

Dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn't adapt to the world's climate changes. They died off. The most valuable component in the jungle is 'adaptability.' Adjusting to life's ever-changing landscape and reinventing yourself separates diamonds from silver. Having the ability to create a new product/service that meets consumers' current needs and demands is inventive.   

The music industry is a revolving door of change. The game is built on creative genius, from Steve Jobs masterminding the iPod to music streaming. Podcasting has changed the reach and global impact of music worldwide.   

Derrick T Lewis brings his IMDB acting skills to the world of podcasting  

Derrick T. Lewis is one of Hollywood's rising stars. Derrick T. Lewis's acting resume includes CREED, The Perfect Murder, Homicide City, and more. Derrick T. Lewis inked a joint venture deal with DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. The joint venture includes Derrick hosting multiple podcasts ranging from social justice to music interviews. Derrick's natural Hollywood charisma, gifted instincts, and Midas Touch blend perfectly with DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami's culture.   

Derrick T Lewis owns Lew Siete Music, LLC and is a Global Ambassador of RESULTSANDNOHYPE.   



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