Let's talk about Edona Misiri, a fashion illustrator based in Milan, Italy. She works at a point in which life drawing meets fashion illustration. With inks and pen, her lines are not only fluid but also expressive with enduring quality. As a fashion designer and illustrator, she tend to follow fashion and design projects to create various forms of artistic collaborations with clothing brands such as Valentino, Celine, Chic Nyc, Puma, Chanel etc. She work with clothing brands, fashion houses, fashion designers, publishers, stylists, private customers, and everyone who commission to her fashion illustrations and design projects for production, business & marketing.



Edona Misiri illustrations revolve around creative style and beauty. Many people find her work to be stylish and modern with a hint of glamour. As a fashion illustrator, she's getting more incorporated in social media content creation, websites, and other branded communication channels, becoming one of the most sought-looking fashion illustrators from the brands.

She says: "My fashion design intends to visualize the perceived outfit as it would look like a finished product. I also love to express myself through my art. Nothing beats the feeling of creating something new in my mind and seeing it come to life on my sketchbook. To me, the world is a never-ending runway. When I started pursuing fashion design and illustration, I started viewing the world differently. Through fashion illustration and design, I have developed a keener eye for the often disregarded details of fabric, form, and how apparel falls on the body. This is one of the factors that laid a foundation for my work in fashion design and illustration, and after a couple of years in the world of fashion, my career is coming full circle, and this will allow me to come out as among the currently most sought after fashion illustrators not only in Italy but across Europe." 

Asked if someone inspires her, she answer:

"I got a lot of inspiration  from Richard Haines and his popular blog What I Saw Today, which documents the attitudes and clothes of the daily fashion icons and trendsetters of New York City. It is common to see Haines sitting in the front row at Fashion Week’s most desirable show sketching images for blogs and magazines who hire him to record the impossible details to capture on film. I particularly admire his fascination with the people responsible for the styles that inform each of his strokes, impelling his work beyond simple sketches in a world where there is an intersection between fashion and art."Edona Misiri"








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