Fashion doesn’t always have to be by the book—after all, there are no strict rules and guidelines to follow. Fashionistas will tell you it’s more about merging the latest trends with your own preferences and personal ways of expressing yourself. However, when you’re rushing to get to work or get something done, looking fashionable shouldn’t be shelved just because you don’t have a lot of time to get ready. With that in mind, here are five simple and effortless ways to look more stylish all year round: 



Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you perfectly

You’ll look sloppy and unkempt if you wear clothes that don’t fit right. Don’t go for a size too small and hope it’ll fit you someday or a size too big because you’re looking for something comfortable to wear. Be realistic and honest with yourself as it makes it easier for you to look for clothes that will flatter the shape and size of your body.

Go for timeless, not trendy


Trends come and go, but classic pieces will never go out of style. 
The Muse points out that you should put your money towards a timeless leather jacket or a black sheath dress instead of the trendy clothes that are currently on sale. You will save a lot of money in the long run and you will also get a chance to play around, accessorizing your closet staples. Mix and match them with other timeless clothes and shoes, and it will feel like you have a lot more options in your closet when in reality you haven’t really added anything else.

Invest in summer clothes


Summer looks are great because you can pair them with anything and you will still look (and feel) stylish. They can easily be switched from outdoorsy to work fashion simply by pairing them with good-quality jackets and shoes. 
Harper’s Bazaar explains that layering is also a good idea—you can style a crisp white button-down shirt by wearing it over a boho maxi dress instead of a denim jacket. It’s a fresh and light look you can sport when the temperature starts rising. Additionally, Woman Within’s crinkle fabric sundresses are fun to layer, especially if you’re looking for a throw-on-and-go kind of style. This particular type of dress is very low-maintenance and can be paired with other clothes from your closet like a denim jacket or an elbow-length sleeve cardigan.

Opt for street style or clothes that combine comfort and fashion


Street style originated from the UK and has become popular throughout the world because of its laid back chic look. 
Vogue notes the pieces can range from elegant and everyday button-downs, to jackets, jeans, and skirts. Mini skirts are also a great investment as you can wear them with a pair of leggings, a white shirt, and a blazer, for a timeless summer outfit. 

Try sustainable fashion


Our feature piece ‘Fashionistas now Recycle in Style’ talks about the steps that the fashion industry is taking to make clothing production much more environmentally-friendly. Often the clothes made from sustainable materials are simple, straightforward, and very easy to style. Opting for pieces made from sustainable materials and production processes allows you to help the movement edge closer towards a cleaner environment without compromising your sense of style.

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