In an unprecedented fusion of art and social commentary, Elijah McKenzie-Jackson, an emerging force in the art world known for his thought-provoking pieces, has launched his debut sculpture, "There's No Place Like Home..."

This inaugural installation, reminiscent of Dothey's iconic 'Ruby Slippers' from 'The Wizard of Oz,' emerges as a sculpture and protest emblem, in aim to showcase “the call to action to save our planet, our only home” Elijah told us.

The initial valuation, certified by a Sotheby's expert, begins at $15,000. The sculpture is constructed using precisely 17,270 Ruby Swarovski crystals and took over 65 hours to craft. Apart from its physical presence, the installation includes an auditory element. It incorporates a range of voices, spanning children to activists and marginalized communities, encompassing Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic speakers. Notably, among them are Egyptian activist Ahmed Allah and American activist Jerome Foster II, all echoing the sentiment: "There's No Place Like Home."

"This installation captures our childhood dreams in a modern light, echoing the urgent call for the fundamental human right to housing—constantly imperiled by climate change, biodiversity loss, and war. It stands as a diverse platform amplifying various voices, showcasing the strength of Gen Z's power, resistance and relentlessness" expresses Elijah McKenzie-Jackson. "It encapsulates emotions that resonate universally and pays homage to the unity inherent in the idea of 'home.'" The price tag affixed to this artwork poignantly underscores the societal importance of activism and social resistance across generations, serving as a stark reminder of their enduring value."

The debut of "There's No Place Like Home..." took place during the COP28 United Nations Climate Conference in Dubai. Subsequently, its digital debut graced the Time Square Billboards on New Year's Eve 2023, marking its premiere to the public eye in collaboration with Artist Talk Magazine.

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