Emilio Mortini, a contemporary artist based in Paris, cultivated his artistic roots amid the vibrant landscapes of Paris and New York during his youth. It was around the age of eighteen that he first ventured into the fields of painting and sculpture, a pivotal period during which he resided in New York for two transformative years.

In 1994, Emilio Mortini's emerging talent was revealed to the public when a selection of his sculptures was presented for the first time in a group exhibition at the Red Grooms City gallery in New York. This marked the beginning of Mortini's artistic journey, paving the way for his creative exploration. The following year, 1995, he took a significant step forward with his first solo exhibition at the Judson Gallery in New York, cementing his presence in the art world.

During a remarkably prolific three-year period, from 1995 to 1997, Mortini produced nearly 500 works that showcase the depth and diversity of his artistic expression. In 1998, his work attracted the attention of collector and art dealer Allan Stone, who acquired around a hundred pieces from Mortini. This partnership included a degree of exclusivity, with Allan Stone exhibiting some of Mortini's works at his Upper East Side gallery, contributing to the artist's visibility within Soho's vibrant art movement.

Emilio Mortini's artistic influence extended to France, where several of his works found a home at the Marwan Hoss gallery, located in the immediate vicinity of Place Vendôme. Using a diverse range of materials, Mortini's artistic toolbox includes contemporary mediums such as resin and aluminum, as well as more traditional materials like marble, stone and bronze.

Participating in renowned exhibitions such as the FIAC in Paris and the Monaco Art Exhibition, Mortini has continued to make a significant impact on the contemporary art scene. His multifaceted oeuvre reflects not only his technical versatility but also his ability to navigate diverse artistic landscapes, bridging the gap between the bustling art scenes of Paris and New York with a distinctive and innovative flair. in 1996, Emilio Mortini created a bronze dollar of 1m60 for the businessman, Bernad Madoff.



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