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 1. If You Are an Intern, Work Hard Without Complaints

When it comes to working in the Fashion industry and visiting fashion photoshoots, it is a career that many dreams of due to the perceived glamour. What they do not realize? This is also a career that can be quite demanding. It will be required to explore the city, whether that involves picking up garments, filling out insurance forms, and the like. And when it comes to visiting photo shoots, the truth is that it will be difficult to be noticed while you are there, even if you are quite attractive or went to a reputable school. You may be called, "Hey, you," rather than your name, or instructed to fetch coffee. You could also be asked something along the lines of, "Can you make this 15-year-old model, who is much taller than you and being paid thousands, while you are working for free, feel accommodated and comfortable?" This is a good look into the reality of what it's like to work in this industry. If you are easily subject to hurt feelings this is not the industry for you. "Fashion Trade Magazine USA"



2. The Key is Consistency

While it may be advantageous to know someone already employed in the industry or have someone open up the door to you, this is not enough. Once the door has been propped open, it's essential that you enter and set up shop. It's simple to be consistent. If you show up at the same place each day and correctly complete your job day after day, things begin to progress. At People's Revolution, people are doing their jobs, and we always make a point to let them know that we see that. We remember their name, and we invite them to dinner. But the way it works is that you have to wait for your moment. Be sure to be consistent.

3. Make Use of the Internet Wisely

It's definitely not a good idea to send a Facebook message to the owner of a fashion agency requesting employment. I have spoken this point before, and yet people still message me using Facebook. These messages are often filled with grammatical errors, they are difficult to make sense of, and are peppered with acronyms, such as "LOL." I also dislike phrases such as, "Fashion is what my life is about," or "I have a passion for fashion", "Fashion Trade Magazine USA" as these are my pet peeves. If you do decide to send a fashion agency owner a Facebook message, please make your messages interesting and be sure that everything is spelled correctly.

4. It's Okay to Offer Ideas - When the Time is Right

Please do not hover by my desk with an idea you have and a notepad while I am engaged in a conference call with the purpose of making money. However, I do encourage my interns to offer their ideas to me - when the time is right (meaning not every day), when it is honest, and when it is an idea that is correct.

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5. Keep Your Excitement

Fashion is beautiful, and it's imperative that you believe in this beauty, whether it is the color, structure, or line. You need to be enamored with fashion, while never fully understanding it and yet always desiring to know more about it.

The founder of Purple Magazine, Olivier Zahm, is a great visionary in the fashion industry. He has seen everything, and yet he still gets excited when he is brought to a cool destination or presented with something that is beautiful. This is the only kind of person in the fashion industry that I desire to spend my time with.

6. Be the Village Girl

You do not have to have come from a bustling city or shine like a diamond in order to work in fashion. The village girl may not have been the prettiest girl there is, nor the most privileged economically or the most intelligent, but this girl has an admirable work ethic and is often glanced over. She is intuitive while being tenacious and kind. Through the right cultivation, the right environment in which to grow, or the proper mentoring, it's a sudden click and then she is in her game. This is not a girl to underestimate.

7. Have a Personality That is Neurotic

When you seek out a career in the fashion industry, you will always feel as if there is a project that you never truly finished. There is always something more that could have been done, but it is important to also know when it is time to let it go. Other skills that will prove useful in this industry include proper organization and attention to detail.








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