Sandy Sandhu is a blogger and content creator based in Palm Beach, Florida. She works in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Sandy collaborates with brands as a model and digital influencer. Sandy Sandhu focuses on delivering high-quality content.

Kindly describe your journey as an Influencer so far.

Sandy Sandhu journey as a fashion influencer has been on and off the track. I started my fashion blog on BlogSpot in the year 2010. I remember blogging had just started getting recognition. Blogging and YouTube were a new thing. The term Influencer was not even that popular then. I stopped blogging because I found it difficult to continue part-time blogging with a full-time job and family responsibilities. I made a come back last year which is March 2020 and I am glad to connect back with everyone.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in your endeavor?

Making full-time income right away, understanding the technical work, and building a team.

What inspired you the most before you started Fashion with beauty?

I would say it has been an interesting story about how I became a fashion blogger. It was the YouTubers who inspired me. I would follow so many fashion and beauty YouTuber. I always thought I could never post any of such content online because I was not comfortable. I spent a lot of time watching them until I eventually realized that this is something, I would love to do for myself. I am still shy though.

I wanted to write something I really loved so I started my blog Fashionwithbeauty which is a fashion and beauty blog. 



Not all women have access to branded clothes and expensive jewelry. How can women achieve the most from what they have? Also, do you think it is more about the mindset?

I think it is somewhat more about the mindset. It is easy to achieve the most with what you have in your closet. All you need is to find your own style and build your outfits around it. 

What changes have you witnessed in the fashion and beauty industry in the last five years?

The fashion industry is focusing a lot more on being comfortable. The 60s, 70s and 80s fashion style has made roots in the fashion industry lately. It is staying for longer I believe.

Even the beauty trends have changed in the last five years. No one wants thin eyebrows but the bushy ones. Red cheeks are seen more than the under-contoured ones. The hair trends are mostly from the 90s.

How can the fashion industry help in empowering women? Do you believe that big brands should play a more significant role in their commitment to women?

I believe the fashion industry can bring women empowerment by hiring and offering jobs to women for making garments for the women. There can be clothing lines made by women workers.

What 3 quick fashion tips would you like to give to women for the upcoming summer?

If you want to look classy this summer, then I would suggest is to wear a hat for elegance, wear your white feminine dress as much as you can and do not forget to select quality fabric.

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your fans are receptive to sponsored content?

I keep it honest. I try the products first before I mention and post them on my feed. I say no to the collaborations if they are not true and would affect my feed and following negatively. People can see that clearly what is true and what is not.





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