Does elegant, timeless and classy define your style statement? Are you a leather purist who wishes to blend the latest trends into their lifestyle, yet stand out from the rest? These unique brands will change the way you look at leather!




1. Mount Wilder, India


Handcrafted for the artist in us, Mount Wilder is for leather lovers who appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and revere attention to detail. Meticulously created using full-grain vegetable tanned leather, each product exudes a rustic charm. Every Mount Wilder product has a story to tell with its signature, hand painted vignette edges that lend it a vintage feel. If minimalistic design and bold, wild colors define your style, we are certain that Mount Wider will leave you impressed!


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2. Bexar Goods Co., USA


Bexar Goods Co. was started to satiate the adventurer in you! Each of their ‘carry goods’ products develop character and charm from the environment and adventures they experience with the traveler. The company believes in ruggedness, simplicity, timelessness, and durability and these reflect in their products.


Bexar Goods Co. uses English bridle leather, a testimony to their premium quality. Each design is a labor of love created by leather experts using technologies that give it a distinct durable edge. From classy satchels to statement wallets, each piece speaks for itself.


Explore forthcoming adventures with your newest companion.





3. Del Giudice, Italy


Wish to turn heads with bespoke Italian leather accessories? Make Del Giudice your guilty pleasure! An amalgam of staying true to their passion for tradition and being at par with the latest innovation, Del Giudice products are your best bet when it comes to fine leather products. They also manufacture custom bags, giving their clients the option of choosing different leather types, colors, and patterns! These expert leather makers are sure to cast a spell on you with their authentic Italian style.


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4. Buffalo Jackson, USA


Created to honor the lost art of hand-made products, Buffalo Jackson’s leather accessories are timeless just as an old family heirloom that gets passed down for generations.


They also partner with creators from around the world which leads to the creation of one-of-its-kind of products. Since Buffalo Jackson is specifically designed for adventurers, they understand the travelers’ different needs and that is visible in their products.


Check out their website to find the hidden urge of travelling for yourself.



5. Bleu de Chauffe, France


Functional yet understated is what Bleu de Chauffe stands for. Excelling in simplicity yet retaining its sharpness, these bags are extremely light-weight, ideal for any expedition! Guided by social and environmental values, the products are manufactured with natural, ultra-resistant leather. The cutting and stitching of the leather is done in the traditional way by qualified craftsmen, renowned for their experience and dexterity. Every piece designed by the artisans has their signature and date of production on the traceability label - Going the extra mile to add a personal touch!


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6. Carl Friedrik


If you resonate with the ‘less is more’ philosophy, then Carl Friedrik’s leather accessories are sure to catch your eye! Known for using naturally tanned leather to manufacture the finest quality of bags and cases, this brand combines modern aesthetics with the best material and design. What sets them apart is that each component that goes into production is individually handpicked from the best tanneries in the world. They sell their products directly to their customers to build a close-knit relationship with them.


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