In 2022, Francheyez believes the impossible will become a reality  

The moment when you see the light after walking through the darkness is truly amazing. Some people do not have the courage to walk through the darkness without any light. The physical presence of light creates a mental cloud of peace and guidance for a person pursuing destiny.   

Fear, doubt, and darkness run parallel on the same destination track in life. Walking the path of uncertainty enables a person to evaluate the risk versus reward panoramically.   

The journey to greatness isn't always about luxury. Pursuing greatness involves taking an unconventional route and thinking outside the box. Traveling the road of uncertainty is built and designed for supreme beings and not mere mortals.   

Francheyez understands the degree of difficulty in Hip-Hop 

Musician/Entrepreneur Francheyez is the real deal. Francheyez is a specimen from a very distinctive breed, exuding street smarts with a sense of emotional intelligence that is unique to him. Francheyez's life story is a brilliant study in Hip-Hop.  

Rap icons don't just happen. 

Since birth Francheyez has lived life in a higher gear and illuminated a reflection of inspiration. It's a well-known fact that Francheyez's music appeals to the soul of the listener as well as the emotional side of them. The organic movement that he displays is a product of his sense of urgency, mellifluous tone, and delivery. 

Francheyez knows what it means to survive and have a successful career in rap. Hip-hop is everything to him, and he has no backup plan. A multi-faceted monetization campaign launched in 2022 by RADIOPUSHERS and Francheyez.

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