“Freezing a moment. Photography is freezing a moment that we can go back, look and relive and get re-emotionalized with it. It serves as a reminder, or a trigger to completely experience something that happened in the past. Compelling images are created by combining a detailed understanding of the subject with a creative interpretation of that knowledge through the use of light, color and space. I spend time getting to know my subjects and clients so that I can produce and capture photographs that are appealing, memorable, and inspiring."

Photography is the art of creating an image by capturing light with a camera, typically using a digital sensor or film. A perfect photograph captures an unforgettable moment in time. It expresses a particular point of view and emphasizes the image's most intriguing or attractive characteristics. But, not everyone with a camera can do this work. It takes special skills and the ability to do the job. Matt Grybel, a self-taught creative, has an uncanny tendency of seeing the bright side of everything.

At the age of 17, he started his journey to become a real- life and portrait photographer. For him, photography started as a hobby and soon turned into a full-time passion. He left college after 2 years to go on various world tours across three continents. Though he took a risky decision to leave a systemic career for his hobby, he ended up doing the best by expanding his visual portfolio of being a portrait photographer and capturing celebrities' experiences. In his first 7 years, he has worked with celebrities like Bob Proctor, Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross, Danileigh, Phil Goldfine, Peter Hurley, Nik Halik, Carlos Gonzales, Christopher Terry, Alex Morton, Tee Grizzley, Zay Jones, Jordan Poyer, Cayleb Jones, Jas Mathur, Larry Morrow, and Mikey Taylor to list a few.

Asking about this life-changing decision, Matt Grybel said, "The lifestyle that I have been fortunate to live the past 7 years has been something out of a movie. It has been beyond anything I could've ever imagined. When you're young, you want the lifestyle you want the nicest, the biggest, the best - you want that. You don't know HOW you're going to get it or IF you're going to get it, but when it starts to happen and it happens at a young age... man,” [as he shakes his head in disbelief] “I'm blessed. I'm so grateful to have picked up a camera when I was 17 years old." Doing what he is passionate about boosts his skill and makes him one of the best in the industry.


When starting as a photographer, Matt Grybel began to take photographs of daily life moments, but soon, he evolved. Every day he set his goal a little higher and pushed himself past his comfort zone. As a result, he succeeded quickly and started to work with world-renowned celebrities. About his photographer journey, Matt Grybel says, "I enjoy the challenge of creating a wide range of photographic work, and I organize my business to include commercial work, business portraits, headshots, editorial portraits, and lifestyle photography, among other things. Because of the changing world, I can bring a new perspective to each task. Whether it's a strong, seasoned corporate executive or an up-and-coming entrepreneur or public figure, I enjoy working with them and providing images beyond their expectation.

My real-life and portrait photography are motivating me to balance my commercial studio's day-to-day operations. Getting away to photograph the great outdoors is invigorating. It provides a healthy artistic spark for both my real life and portrait photography."

As a photographer, Matt Grybel provides not only incredible pictures but also unforgettable memories. In his words, "The most important thing to me as a photographer is that I can provide not only great images but also memories of an unforgettable experience that the person can go back and relive over and over again. I aim to create beautiful portraits of you that you not only love, but also makes you feel confident and valuable when you leave. Your photographs will outlast. They will one day be the most valuable possession anyone has to remember you by. Everyone has insecurities and things about themselves that they don't like. The number one thing I hear from potential clients is, “Matt, I’m just not photogenic. I don’t know how to take good pictures.” My task as a photographer is to capture what you want while also assisting you in discovering new items to focus on. I've got you covered!

Since Matt Grybel is a portrait photographer, his style is relaxed and comfortable. Rather than attempting to pose every picture, he prefers to document your day as it happens. Working in this manner is much more fun for all involved and yields excellent results. It's also a great way to make sure your portrait pictures accurately depict you, capture your personalities, and are genuinely exclusive. He says, "My goal is to create breath-taking, timeless images that you and your friends will treasure for a lifetime."

Matt Grybel has collaborated with so many celebrities already and will continue adding A-List names to his portfolio. His work tends to reveal personal views of well- known pop culture figures. His commercial work demand would add a unique viewpoint to an industry in desperate need of fresh faces.



About Matt Grybel: @mateogribbly

Matt Grybel is a Miami based creative and portrait photographer. He started his photography career at the age of 19. In his 7 years of journey, he works with many celebrities like Bob Proctor, Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross, Danileigh, Phil Goldfine, Peter Hurley, Nik Halik, Carlos Gonzales, Christopher Terry, Alex Morton, Tee Grizzley, Zay Jones, Jordan Poyer, Cayleb Jones, Jas Mathur, Larry Morrow, and Mikey Taylor.



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