In the heart of the plastic surgery world, Dr. Joubin Gabbay runs his practice in Beverly Hills, California, where he is dedicated to providing the best quality results that each customer wants.

Born in Iran and raised in Beverly Hills, Dr. Gabbay always knew he had a passion for art, sculptures, and the Renaissance era. With his father being an architect, Dr. Gabbay was constantly surrounded by creativity and the beauty of art. This was when he knew he loved the art more than the practice itself.

Dr. Gabbay

After his undergraduate work at the University of San Diego with a degree in molecular biology and a minor in art, Dr. Gabbay attended medical school in Richmond, Virginia. He there discovered that plastic surgery was his calling.

“I liked to use my hands, and I loved to see the results of my work immediately in front of me. As I grew, I realized that plastic surgery was the perfect specialty for me,” Gabbay says.

He loved how plastic surgery allowed him to “play with anatomy” and creatively problem solve; “It was all about finding the right solution for each problem.”

After graduating from medical school, Gabbay moved back to LA, where he attended his general surgery residency. During this time, he took two years to do research in the division of plastic surgery at UCLA. He and his team did “cutting-edge work using the stem cells to create bone with the goal of helping children with craniofacial differences,” Gabbay explains. This work earned him many awards and grants for the phenomenal work he conducted. Further, he has over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

Finally, in 2011, Gabbay started his own practice. He built his practice from the ground up while still figuring out who he wanted to be in the plastic surgery field. Once he realized that authenticity was key to working with clients he saw eye to eye with, he started to understand the power of social media. Through online engagement, Gabbay found clients who wanted him as their doctor while also having the same beliefs and values.

“I believe in delivering the results that my patients envision. I feel that the patient experience is key to success. I have developed a practice where my patients are comfortable from their first encounter with us along the entire process and beyond,” he states.

Gabbay specializes in breast and body contouring. These procedures include liposuction, Brazillian butt lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, lifts, reductions, and complex revisions. Allowing his clients to express their wants and needs about the end results is extremely important and a huge part of his brand identity. After consulting with the client, he will “consider [the client’s] aesthetic goals, the reality of their anatomy, my surgical ability, the utility of the technology I can work with and (here’s an important one) what they are willing to go through.”

He recognizes that there are major misconceptions in the plastic surgery world. Patients will come into his office and say that another surgeon told them there is only one option for what the client is asking for. “That absolutely makes me crazy,” he explains.

Gabbay saw this issue and made it the hallmark of his approach. He offers a full array of procedures and techniques – some aggressive and some less invasive. Giving the patient multiple options allows them to feel in control and allows them to build trust with Dr. Gabbay.

“For many, I will offer less involved procedures with the understanding that they will have a good result. A good example is now I often perform a mini tummy tuck to remove excess skin of the lower abdomen only, liposuction to reduce the fat underneath the skin, and Renuvion to tighten the skin in the rest of the abdomen.”

Renuvion is a skin tightening technology that Gabbay loves. It is less invasive and does not leave scars – a side effect of body contouring clients typically want to avoid. This technology is newer to the market and since its arrival, Gabbay has perfected his technique using Renuvion. “I can say with confidence that in 2022, this is the best device on the market for skin tightening.”

Gabbay continues to associate with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He believes his partnership with them allows him and his patients to feel safe. Safety is the single most important part of any procedure he does. He follows the strictest safety guidelines and evaluates his patients very carefully before any procedure. 

Gabbay’s mission is clear and simple: “Do the right thing for the right person at the right time. Always be thoughtful.” This applies to his personal life and career. He is constantly working with the clients and applying his extensive knowledge to the process to ensure they are satisfied with the results.

In the future, Gabbay hopes to have “[his] own office and operating room, a junior associate and a thriving Medspa practice. I am also interested in exploring developing a standalone awake body contouring practice similar to such practices as elite body sculpture, Sono Bello and Squlpt.”


Dr. Gabbay


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