Lions, Tigers, and Pig Nosed Turtles, oh my! Gaiaton cards, which are collectible trading cards that feature REAL mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates, came out of nowhere in 2023 and they came with a bang.

After many teasers on social media, on August 8th Gaiaton launched a massive pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter and raised just shy of $170,000 in just one month. Collectors clammored for the special edition limited run cards that you could only get through the pre-sale campaign, and apparently, will not be printed again. Ever. And yes they are holofoil cards!

Gaiaton cards can be most easily compared to Pokemon, but with real animals and real facts as opposed to fictional creatures. However, these cards are jam packed with surprisingly interesting information about the animal featured on them. It’s kind of incredible both the amount of information they are able to squeeze on there, and the quality of the content. You can tell that and incredible amount of time went in to curating these cards.

Each card is color coded based on the type of animal (think blue card for fish, red for bird etc…) and has a real high quality photo of the creature that is featured on the card. There are 3 facts about the animal and then a quick little funny anecdote in the bottom right hand corner. There are of course, holofoil cards included, which are really well done and look stunning.


Gaiaton: The gameplay is simple enough and is based off of Lifespan and Color Combinations. A single deck of 50 cards is all you need to play.


After reading a few cards, I must admit, I got sucked in. The facts are super interesting! There are tons of animals I had no idea even existed! This really is an incredible combination of collecting trading cards and learning super interesting facts about the creatures that roam this earth.

Real card collectors will appreciate the quality of these cards. Gaiaton cards are printed on 350 GSM White Core paper which is a massive step up from the Pokemon’s and Lorcana’s of the world which are a thin and flimsy 280 GSM.

The first edition set boasts 230 cards total which is A LOT of cards to get through. You can purchase the entire set all in one go by ordering the Platinum Big Box which is set to ship at the end of February 2024. Their next edition is slated for the upcoming holiday season.

If you want to get your hands on these cards, you can do so at and their instagram profile is pretty active as well:

We are excited to see what is next for this up and coming TCG!!



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