In 2012, Ghramae published his first book, entitled The PBE System - How to Become Financially Free Investing in Property. It featured a guide that would show investors a simple way to build property portfolios, create passive and recurring income, and also how to establish the property once bought. 


Ghramae Johnson - Success Coach

Naturally the title of Life Coach suited him well. Today he is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Success Coach who has used his life of ups and down to find strength and overcome the impossible. 

Two years later, Ghramae took up an interest in trading cars, expensive classics to be exact, Ghramae began importing classics into England. Though he loved his new venture, he still felt something was missing. Ghramae decided to enrolled in a University and began to study Psychology, Theology, Philosophy, and various Religions. At the end of his course, Ghramae then started a career sourcing property Investment for a group of wealthy Investors, he worked as an Investment Property Finder. Within 10 years he became the owner of an extensive property portfolio himself, producing passive and recurring income.

Soon Ghramae found an interest in Psychology, Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, the Bible, and Universal Law. This interest helped him to grow his confidence and start on his path to success. His first accomplishment came when he entered the Fashion Industry. In 1984, Ghramae approached the international Pop group, Soul to Soul. Though Ghramae was born color blind and many told him that a job in the fashion industry would be impossible, he knew better. After negotiating his terms, Soul to Soul hired him as their Senior Designer. With this position, he was able to hire other employees and run fashion shows. Soon, Ghramae opened his own London clothing shop.

His aunt turned to his mother and said, “Do you realize, all we do is work hard all day at something we don't enjoy, only to finish, go home and prepare to go back again?” This statement sent shivers up his spine and convinced him to change his way of thinking. From that day on Ghramae knew he had to find success and find it while doing something that he truly loved and had passion for.

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