New York City is the world-famous city of glamour and trendsetters. Once you've inhaled the magic of this metropolis, you'll probably keep the magic forever. Inspired by the latest fashion in the city and its unique design scene, fashion designer Sebastian Stratmann founded the Harbor Yorkway label, which is closely linked to New York but sees itself as an independent, fictitious city. The label of the native Hanoverian reflects a metropolis, which unites all facets of New York and gives the wearers all over the world a trendy and elegant feeling at the same time. 


He dedicates his life to fashion and his creativity stands for itself. Sebastian Stratmann already fulfilled his dream of an inexhaustibly creative and global brand in 2017 when he produced the first designs for his new fashion line Harbor Yorkway. With his T-shirts, the 34-year-old set a completely new trend in the scene that was quickly recognized by the public. His creations are stylish and suitable for every occasion: whether in the numerous bars and discotheques in New York City or simply on the beach in New Jersey. Harbor Yorkway sets new accents with its almost forbidden open style and creates an incomparable wearing comfort in every situation.

The logo designs reflect the New York City melting pot. Sebastian Stratmann's large selection of elegant and playful lettering forms the basis for his fashion label.

Especially impressive about the designer's work is his cosmopolitan vein. If you love the New York style and want to bring it with you to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, then Harbor Yorkway is just the thing for you:

Comfortable sports shirts for skateboarding on the halfpipes of this world! Beach shirts to make the perfect figure on the beach! Sexy, elegant and comfortable city tops for casual parties! Sebastian Stratmann and his label Harbor Yorkway have set themselves ambitious goals for 2019 and the years to come.

On the website you can already dive into the world of the new fashion line.


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