Andre Williams is a natural-born leader and possesses Guardian Angel DNA. Since birth, Andre Williams spoke, reacted, examined, and performed as 'Leader One.' Very few people embrace change, criticize their shortcomings, modify blueprints, or humbly admit when a situation is beyond their skillset. Natural-born leaders possess a high level of humility and are focused on empowering the next generational leader.    

Music industry power player Andre Williams is tailored-made for Hip-Hop management in 2021. Andre William's crocodile thick skin, creative genius, mental fortitude, infectious personality, and born Hollywood charism enable him to connect with Millennials and Generation Z music artists.    

Andre Williams analyzes an indie artist's intangibles and raw desire to reach their purposed destiny. Andre Williams is an organic 'King Maker' in Hip-Hop. Andre Williams Midas's touch for identifying God-given talented people reflects his ultra-perceptive musical instincts. Andre ensures every artist contains a specific formula of 'Championship' ingredients to reach the upper echelon of Hip-Hop.      

Hip-Hop remains the world's most influential and dominant music genre worldwide. Hip-Hop is the 'Holy Grail' of music careers, and its lavish lifestyle entices all ethnicities.  Paragon Management headquarters are located in South Carolina.    

Paragon Management is a full-service artist management company servicing all 50 states and North America.  Paragon Management preferred music genres are R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Pop.   

Andre Williams launched Paragon Lifestyle Magazine in partnership with Paragon Management.  Paragon Lifestyle Magazine reflects the organic beauty, essence, rich culture, and community first appeal of South Carolina.    

Paragon Management inked a strategic monetization and streaming TV deal with RADIOPUSHERS TV.  RADIOPUSHERS TV is the #1 Millennial TV Network and streams in 90+ countries.

RADIOPUSHERS TV is powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU. 

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