There is a new fashion brand that just launched that is catching everyone's attention: The Soloflow Brand! The products, designed by social media extreme acrobatics star Soloflow, bring together mismatched fashion items that are all about emphasizing the freedom to stand out differently and to spontaneously shine special.





We caught up with Soloflow himself to learn more about how his brand is turning into a summer wave of success!


1. Tell us how the Soloflow Brand was birthed?

Soloflow Brand has a unique style inspired by the creativity and spontaneous movements of extreme acrobatics. Soloflow is rooted in California and brings a lifestyle full of positive vibes, sunshine and encouraging people to be themselves.


2. How would you describe your own "look & style" today?

My look & style emphasize the ability to stand out as your own unique person with bright colors, interesting designs with a focus on high-quality products. We think of our style as an art that will catch people’s eye.


3. Why is fashion so important to you?

Fashion allows us to build a physical extension of the Soloflow lifestyle and is an important instrument in sharing this positive lifestyle with the world. On a more individualistic level, fashion allows people to stand out in their own unique way, which is a core value of our brand.


4. What do you feel separates the Soloflow Brand from other clothing lines out there?

Soloflow Brand is not scared to start new fashion trends and our creativity is not bound by any rules. Our designs are a physical manifestation of the Soloflow lifestyle and its positive vibes. Through this, our styles not only bring these vibes to the wearer but to people who are around the wearer of our fashion.


5. What new collections and/or pieces are you currently working on?

We are currently working on items that continue to push the boundaries of streetwear.


Sports Jerseys: Extreme acrobatics is a sport and a few of our new designs focus on bringing our mismatched style to what is typically an organized sports jersey. We just released The Rose Jersey, a baseball-style jersey made to be worn off the field.


Tank Tops: As summer approaches, we are releasing our first tank tops. We just released the Tropical Flow Tank which is a tank top woven with tropical vibes.

Different Dye Styles: We are artists at heart and are bringing new, vibrant dye styles to life. Each of our dyed garments is different from one another as they are all hand-dyed. We use dyes and various wash techniques in our designs to create one of a kind styles. We’re excited about  new dyes coming up for shirts, hoodies and joggers.


Socks: Why should your socks have to match? Ours don’t. We sell socks in mismatched pairs and have lots of fun new styles with tropical energy radiating from them coming soon.




6. Where are your products made, and what decision went into producing them there?

Our products are made in Los Angeles as well as other parts of the world. Los Angeles is our base and home for Soloflow Brand. The California vibes are in the heart and soul of our brand and our products. For some designs, in order to bring crazy style concepts to life, we work with manufacturers all over the world.


7. You are only 18 and have done so much. What pushes and motivates you daily?

I am on a constant mission to continue to thrive, be motivated and stay healthy. I want to continue to bring my creative ideas to life. This is my passion and I’ll forever pursue this, there’s never going to be a time where I feel like I’ve done enough.


8. Which other fashion designers have you looked up?

None in particular, we aim for our style to be completely fresh with its own unique vibe.


9. What advice would you give to others wanting to go into fashion or build a massive social media following like yourself?

Follow your passion, be authentic and let your creativity drive you. Also, like all good artists, don’t be afraid to look around, to talk to people and to draw inspiration from a variety of places and people. The unique combinations of your creativity with various inspirations is a powerful thing.


10. What are you most excited about for the rest of 2020?

I am excited to continue pursuing the journey that I am on. I don’t really think about what year it is or when a year is ending, I’m just on a lifelong journey full of creativity and positive vibes.


For more on the brand and to get your mismatched fashion on, head over to:




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