How  Fashion Influences Room Decor From Tapestry Girls?

The gap between the catwalk and home decor companies is closing in quickly, and it often starts with fashion. Have you ever noticed how apparel trends seem to mesh with our home interior choices? You’re not alone. If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll be able to quickly tell how important home décor has become, and it’s often inspired by Fashion Influences.

Why need Influences Fashion?

According to the Washington Post, dorm-focused design firms and outlets like Tapestry Girls have come about because "the same baby boomers who slapped a Bob Marley poster on the dorm wall and called it a day are now willing to pay big bucks for coordinating duvets, pillows curtains, rugs and other symbols of a well-appointed dorm for their children," which often sets them back as much as $5,000. 

This is likely because people care more now about their living space than ever before, and want to show off their individual styles. We wear intricate patterns and unique designs on our bodies. Frankly, why should our walls and home furnishings be any different?

Enter Tapestry Girls:

The largest United States-based tapestry supplier. The company has hundreds of tapestry designs and sells its products direct to consumers, as well as to wholesale customers like Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, Amazon, and Walmart. “Fashion is the number one thing that inspires our designs,” commented Kyle Leighton, CEO of Tapestry Girls. “We pay a great deal of attention to the fashion industry, and whatever trends are taking shape often dictates how our designs look.” With over 1,000 product styles and a massive social media following, it’s safe to say Tapestry Girls has officially mastered the intersection between Fashion and decoration.


Tapestry Girls Pieces Inspired by Fashion  

We've hand-picked a few of our favorite Tapestry Girls room accessories to showcase how much fashion can influence the taste of home decor. If you love bright, bold clothing, the vibrant orange hues in the Indian Sun Tapestry help make a room pop - just like a killer jacket, or great pair of boots can complete an outfit. If your style is more of a bohemian, free-spirited lifestyle, the Lavender Mandala Tapestry can set the mood in any room with its pretty purple designs against a crisp white background! If your style is more mysterious, then definitely check out the White Floral Dreamcatcher. Legend has it that your bad dreams will get caught in a dream catcher's net, leaving you with peaceful slumber. 

Final Thoughts

There's a small leap from fashion Influences trends to room decor trends—many credit social media for the increased crossover between these two different art forms, including Leighton.

“If you ever search Tapestry Girls on social media, our products are literally everywhere,” explained Leighton. “They probably don’t even realize it, but the way our customers stylize our products, and share them for the world to see, not only inspires us, but it pushes the industry forward, too.” 








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