It could be you are one of the young people who walk around with the idea of ​​becoming an Entrepreneur or maybe you are one of those who are tired of showing up for work every day and want to start your own business but do not quite know-how. 


It is not easy to be an Entrepreneur but it is not impossible for every Entrepreneur has once been ordinary People like all the others but what should you be aware of and how can you become a successful Entrepreneur?


It is probably hard to come up with a good and exciting idea that does not already exist on the market in advance but Arvin Niknia would like to share his experiences with Us as a successful Entrepreneur and Businessman. If you do not know what you want then spend several minutes thinking about what you like. It is very important that you choose to go for what you like because then you will not notice that you are spending more hours on your Business. Do you like to sell clothes then research the options you have in the market for selling clothes? You need to look at your competitors and see what they sell and how much they sell their products for. It is very important that you can find some cheap suppliers.


It is probably very difficult to concentrate on the businesses that already exist therefore you need to choose the NICHE strategy. It is best that you go out and travel around the world or read about other cultures online. It will inspire you to choose a unique path to follow and be able to differentiate your products from others. If you have the courage, you can also get a designer to design a brand for you that will make you known in the market.


The four things I mention are your bible and you must never forget them: Promotion, Price, Place, and Product.

If you intend to have a visible Business then it is important that you choose a visible place. You need to choose a place where people can see you or the place that you expect your target audience to be. It does not help to sell women's clothes in front of a school.

People forget every day what they have seen and read therefore Promotion is very important. You have to constantly remind people that you exist.

You should always sell what people like so if the demand for a product is low then do not spend your time on it.

Price is as I said very important and must be related to the quality and service you offer.


Customers are god and without them, your business does not exist.

make sure to divide your Customers into ABC customers ... The Customers who complain all the time take care of and send them to your competitors. You must provide high service to the customers you live off

Before you throw yourself into it make sure and think carefully about whether you really want it here and whether it is something for you because you have to spend a lot of time on it and it can be very stressful. You must have the will and the desire before you begin


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