Wall art can transform a bland wall into an eye-catching wall if it is hung the right way, according to Frames.co.uk. Art can be used as a finishing element that brings other elements such as lighting, furniture, and decor harmoniously together. That is why knowing how to hang wall art in your home is very important.

Below are a few different tips for making the most of your wall art...

Paint the Picture Frame

If you already have a picture frame, but its colour does not go well with your picture, you can try painting the frame to transform it completely and make it match the picture. Black and white are considered standard frame colours. These colours go well with a variety of different image colours. You can choose any of them depending on the home décor and wall paint.

Create a Double Frame Look

You may have a frame and a photograph that match each other, except their sizes may be completely different. If that is the case, you can still use them together by creating a double frame look.

For this, you need to buy another frame of the same design, style, and colour, but of a smaller size. After this, attach the smaller frame inside the larger one, such that it still has room for the photograph. Now get your photograph and place it inside the smaller frame with whom its size matches.

A double frame look creates a unique yet beautiful appearance.

Modernize the Frame

An old frame can be completely transformed into a modern frame with the help of metallic paint. Metallic paint is available in different colours such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Gold and silver are the popular paint colours, but you can try others as well, depending on the colour theme of your home décor and the colour of the photograph.

Add Lettering

Do you have an old frame that does not suit your new home décor? You don’t have to throw it away. Instead, show creativity and give your frame a completely new look. Bring your artistic side out and write something on the frame such as a motivational quote using a stencil and paint.

If you do not know how to write with paint colours and stencils, then go for vinyl letters. You can stick them directly to a photograph, or paint their boundary, and then peel the letters off to make it look like you wrote the quote.

Try Pastel Colours

If you have decorated your home using a vintage theme, or you have an old photograph, then you should use an antique frame to create a balanced look. Painting a modern frame with pastel colours is a great way of giving it an antique look.

Personalize the Frame

Give a personal touch to your wall art to make them look more homely and pleasant. Add some artistic elements to the art piece and let the piece represent your personality.

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