Unapologetic and uncensored is what defines Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop music is unlike mainstream American music, and its boldness inspires people.  

Hip-Hop evolved from creative genius and pain in New York. Each rapper possesses a unique DNA profile and blood type. 

Rap culture reveals the world's ugliest secrets, triumphs, racist mentality, and endless opportunities to succeed. Hip-Hop is the second bible in the Black Community, and its verses provide clarity and inspiration to strive for more in life.    

Hip-Hop impacts all components of pop and mainstream culture. Rap culture creates fashion, food, travel, social media, music, TV, and film trends.   

Rap music enables black youths to convert dreams into million-dollar brands. Hip-Hop stands alone as the world's #1 music genre.    

Youth culture embraces rap music's raw and uncensored message of aspiration. Hip-Hop created the term 'Getting It Out The Mud', which means fighting through every obstacle to achieve greatness.    

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur IAMBOGARD is a rose growing from Philadelphia concrete. IAMBOGARD's natural-born leadership, unflinching courage, panoramic business vision, and righteous heart condition create a distinct attraction.  

Philadelphians embrace IAMBOGARD's music because his lyrics narrate authentic stories which illuminate the 'everyday struggle.'    

IAMBOGARD's latest release, 'Stay Cool' showcases his grit, grind, and rap genius in 360 degrees. 'Stay Cool' is a visual masterpiece powered by God's plan. IAMBOGARD's Philly movement is gaining significant momentum and caught the attention of PHAMOUS PHRILLZ.    

PHAMOUS PHRILLZ is a ten-year music power player and music director for WJYN 98.5 FM in Philly. PHAMOUS PHRILLZ is a DJ host on the Rock The Bells show hosted by LL Cool J.    

IAMBOGARD understands it's eat or be eaten in rap music. His focus is to create opportunities for his block and create generational wealth.    

IAMBOGARD inked a strategic music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is a top Google-rated music monetization agency for entrepreneurs.    

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