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The endless hunt for mastery 

An individual who seeks to excel at a higher level to be recognized for their achievements is required to put in an unprecedented amount of effort to experience success. Controlling your destiny and narrative are critical components of freedom. Assuming the path of most resistance prepares a person to weather any storm in life. 

Only a tiny percentage of the population deliberately endeavors to attain their dreams and defy conventional wisdom to manifest their purpose. The price of success involves abnormal levels of sacrifice, pain, loneliness, and discipline. Pushing through skepticism and uncertainty develops diamonds or exposes pretenders. 

Hip-Hop runs the world 

Hip-Hop music is a lightning rod of change, empowerment, freedom, and power of expression. Rap culture impacts every component of human society and provides a roadmap of survival for youth culture.   

From the depths of despair and the heights of creative brilliance, young black musicians from all across the world produce life-changing songs that captivate audiences worldwide.  

Power of Rap Music 

Rap artists' life experiences and ideas create a vivid picture of a two-sided United States. Hip-Hop music decodes America's ugliest crimes of justice and its power of transformation via freedom. 

Hip-Hop's transformative message enables people to see minorities and immigrant's historical value. God gifted black people with unparalleled musical DNA.  

From rap music to jazz, black people's ability to translate life perspectives into aspirational lyrics is inestimable. 

A great future awaits OGFATMAC. 

OGFATMAC is one of the most prominent new-age entrepreneurs and artists of our time. OGFATMAC's music narrates the cold realities of street life, justice, and a two-side America. 

Listening to OGFATMAC's music, you become a passenger on his flight of destiny. His lyrics paint a vivid portrayal of rap music's powerful impact on society and pop culture.  

OGFATMAC's music provides light on the pathway to manifestation. Youth culture embraces his authentic wordplay and raw energy on wax.   
In 2022, OGFATMAC is hyper-focused on creating a bridge between dreams and generational wealth. He understands the jungle rules in Hip-Hop and the cost of pursuing chasing amazing.  OGFATMAC's emergence in Hip-Hop is undeniable.   

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