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IAMXXKLUTCH taking the rap game on another level in 2021:

The essence of Hip-Hop focuses on luxury lifestyle, self-gratification, and glorifying those who had done something worth remembering. Hip-hop is a multi-million dollar industry, and Hip-Hop music is the most loved music worldwide. This genre has inspired many individuals and businesses to generate millions of dollars. Many artists, including Bryson tiller, Da Baby, Cardi B, and more, have assets worth more than two million.

Young artists are suffering due to poverty, drug consumption, an unstable economy, and meager income resources. Hip-Hop music has given these young stars a chance to escape every shortcoming of their life. Rap music seems to be the only way for them to live their dreams. Hip-Hop is the most desirable genre as artists narrate their struggle, pain, and emotions that echoes with the hearts of the audience.

Entrepreneur and recording artist IAMXXKLUTCH is an emerging Hip-Hop star. IAMXXKLUCTH’s daring and defying lyrical content resonates with the suffering his community has gone through. The raw energy of IAMXXKLUTCH’s music is organic and mass appealing. His music reflects his struggle, success, and failures. IAMXXKLUTCH certainly thinks that he has a purpose in his life to follow. IAMXXKLUCTH is a self-made boss, and he is taking his rap game on another level with fearless vocals and creative lyrics.

IAMXXKLUTCH is the CEO of his record labels and global ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading global monetization agecy for emerging artists and entrepreneurs.


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