I'm 30-minutes into an intense Peloton cycling session, and my legs are burning with pain. Having high blood pressure, working 18-hour days, managing 15+ digital joint ventures, and consulting with 100+ artists monthly requires a rigorous physical training routine. The world never sleeps, and it's crucial to evolve in thought, body, and spirit. Controlling your body is critical to mentally performing at peak levels in life.    

I'm clued to my 85-inch Class QLED Smart TV, anxiously waiting for the Derek Chauvin verdict. Everyone across the world is watching how White America responds to this gross miscarriage of justice. Sweating profusely and drinking AquaHydrate, I have a million uneven thoughts running through my mind.    

For so many years, injustice has robbed the African American community of hope and faith in an equal justice system. Derek Chauvin's verdict will either initiate a new direction in the fight for equal rights or further erode racial unity between both races. My grueling Peloton bike ride is done, and I always relax on the balcony.    

Major Recording Artist J Thuro is a supreme talent in the world of Hip-Hop music. J Thuro's music ignites an invisible fire in a person and emotionally expands their imagination to see things in a panoramic way. J Thuro's Brooklyn bloodline provides him with an unconventional mental amongst his contemporaries. J Thuro's latest track, 'The Times,' reflects the raw emotions and feelings of every young black male's perception of police brutality.    

J Thuro provides classic Hip-Hop storytelling and combines his signature rap delivery for priceless impact. J Thuro is one of the most decorated and celebrated indie artists in Hip-Hop. J Thuro is CEO of Two Eleven Publishing and Global Advocate of RADIOPUHSERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization agency for unconventional and dynamic artists.    

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