Fueled by fashion and family, Jaimie Tucker continues to be the superhero of a woman. The content creator and mother of two, full of strength, courage, and beauty, strives to develop new ways of sustainable living each day. While she stays focused on an aspirational yet attainable style, health optimization, and collaboration, Tucker has developed a method in which all of these aspects intertwine and create value for online communities and the world.

Evidently holding a love for fashion from the start, Tucker pursued each new issue of Vogue magazine at 12 years old. Her passions and dreams lead her to a career in the modeling industry, where she tirelessly continued to learn, grow, and thrive.  

The birth of her second daughter is what opened Tucker’s eyes, making her realize it is difficult to keep a balance between her family and her career. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and express her creative spirit, Tucker started a blog series.


“I still wanted to create, and starting a blog allowed me that freedom of expression. The blog provides me with a creative outlet, while at the same time allowing me to build a sense of community and assist other women by suggesting quick and easy style and beauty tips. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and strapped for time, as all women do!”   


Within just six months of launching her blog, JAIMIE TUCKER had a post go viral. Featuring matching mommy and me fashion, with her two young daughters alongside her, this specific blog post ranked on the first page of Google under the highly searched keywords “mommy and me outfits.” She leveraged this finding and began incorporating more content that showed a balance between being a mother, emphasizing health for her family, and pursuing a creative passion to enhance one’s personal sense of style and wellbeing. She offers a range of lifestyle tips, from fashion advice, to time management, and healthy living.

Her mission of empowering women to look and feel their best is achieved by examination of the challenges that women face in balancing numerous responsibilities and endeavours, and offering efficient and uplifting solutions.

Tucker has partnered with national brands that include fashion, beauty, wellness, and family life. She continues to keep her eye on the latest fashion and style trends, and is excited to share more tips and tricks when appearing on the latest TV networks or writing for online platforms, like Thrive Global and Mommy Nearest. Tucker plans to share more about this world in the future and engaging in more collaborations and writing gigs. 

Already full of monumental success by taking on such responsibilities and acquiring the tools necessary to lighten the load for others, Jaimie Tucker is a superhero. The inspiration she exchanges with other women who are part of her online community also motivates her to continue creating meaningful content. She has truly found her niche in life that allows her to create peace and success in her home, and share that value with the world.

To keep up with Jaimie Tucker’s blog, please visit jaimietucker.com.  

Readers can also follow Tucker on Instagram at @jaimie_tucker.




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