Most people wouldn’t think that the late Jimmy Buffett, the man behind Margaritaville, was a fashion icon, however, those that would think such a thing, would be wrong.

The undisputed king of easy-listening yacht rock probably exerted as much influence on style as any designer that ever sent a model down a runway in a jacket with three sleeves. The raggedy straw hats and Hawaiian shirts worn out in Hawaii and Key West, were all part of an image cannily cultivated by an entertainer who, while evangelizing for leisure, built a personal fortune on themed restaurants, casinos, hotels and cruises, based on what his fashion stood for.



And now, as 2024 draws ever so near, there has been another singer/songwriter who has started a movement again for a new generation of positive-thinking concert-goers, with his own unique  laid-back style and coined, “Palm Shirts”. Niko Moon is this man, whose first single "Good Time" went number one on country radio and whose current track, “Falling For You”, has given excitement to his fanbase for his upcoming 2024 new album entitled, “Better Days”.

Moon, who recently opened up about his own battles with addiction, has continued to have a positive vibe & big smile on his face throughout his career, no matter how tough times have gotten prior. But new music/tour, a baby girl who just turned one, a loving wife who he co-writes with, upcoming product launches, and the formation of a new non-profit in 2024 has turned Moon into a man of many abilities, and one who is poised to follow in the footsteps left in the sand by Mr. Buffet, if not further succeed them.



We got the low-down with Moon in a quick Q&A session about his fashion sense and how his own style and attitude has helped him be a role model to many as he tours around the world spreading his positivity.

As a person who is in the public eye, with cameras on him a lot, what is your go-to outfit on a daily basis when you step away from your home?

 My go to is something I can feel comfortable in while I’m playing with my one year old daughter or throwing logs on the fire pit out back. For me that’s my RRL pocket tee, amiri stack jeans, Lucchese toe boots and either a trucker hat or my handmade pencil rolled hat.

Who are some of your favorite designers these days when it comes to fashion overall?

 I’m digging Laneus, Blue Sky Inn, Saint Laurent and my own brand I’m wearing myself now… coming soon!

Your palm shirt style is always on display at your shows. When were you first introduced to palm shirts aka Hawaiian shirts, and what made you want to wear them always?

Growing up in GA, once a year we went to Destin for vacation and that was the best week of the year for me. When I wear the palm shirts for my shows, it symbolizes that I’m going on vacation, that right here, right now, I’m gonna celebrate life. I love seeing them in the crowd!! 

Where in Florida are some of your favorite go-to travel spots?

Santa Rosa beach is amazing. Best sunrise I’ve ever seen was there. Key West is one of my favorite places. I love it so much I shot my, “East Tonight” video down there”.

Charity also plays a big role in your life and music, especially with your Better Days album coming out next year and non-profit foundation. Have you always wanted to help others and inspire people?

 I’m so grateful to have been able to speak to someone when I really needed to talk. Not everyone can financially afford to set up that therapy appointment. I created the Happy Cowboy Foundation [launching in 2024] quite simply to help raise awareness and money to help people get therapy.

And finally, when you aren't working, what can we find you doing?

You’ll find me nestled inside my house on a hilltop outside of Nashville, hanging with my wife and daughter. I'm so grateful to get to live this hybrid lifestyle of touring the country, connecting with people through music and then at home with my family, living the simple life!


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