Jongha Kim, a visionary car designer, seamlessly merges the realms of automotive design and fashion. After graduating from the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, his work redefines the relationship between automobiles and fashion. This article explores Kim Jong-ha's inspiring journey, focusing on his remarkable project, the Cadillac Centroid. This visionary concept draws inspiration from high-end fashion, envisioning Cadillac as a leading electric luxury performance brand in 2025, where boldness, comfort, and elegance harmoniously intertwine.



Capturing the Essence of Oversized Suits:

Kim's design approach embraces the angles and flexibility of oversized suits, creating an interior that exudes comfort and safety. The Cadillac Centroid's bold angled and dropped-down features mirror stretched suit arms, enveloping passengers in a captivating atmosphere.


The Center Console: A Spreading Silhouette:

Inspired by the spreading motion of oversized suit pants, the Centroid's center console mimics the pants' wide-spread shape, infusing elegance and sophistication into the vehicle's interior. This fusion of fashion and automotive design elevates the overall aesthetic and enhances the passenger experience.


Seating Luxury Redefined:

Drawing influence from the loose and modern surface language of oversized suits and hijabs, the Centroid's seats emanate a stylish and sleek ambiance. Seamlessly blending with Cadillac's luxurious design philosophy, the seats incorporate detailed pattern mood lighting, adding refinement and allure to the interior.



The Iconic Steering Wheel:

The steering wheel, a centerpiece of the Centroid's interior, draws inspiration from bold fashion bags. Reflecting Cadillac's signature bold and luxurious design language, the steering wheel commands attention. In autonomous mode, it gracefully conceals itself when not in use, revealing a spreading wing-like motion that adds intrigue and sophistication.


Illuminating Experiences:

Soft illuminating mood lights, inspired by the mesmerizing lights of European streets, create an enchanting ambiance within the Centroid. Synchronized with the rhythm of the music, this fusion of light and sound elevates the driving experience, making each journey extraordinary.



Jongha Kim's groundbreaking work blurs the boundaries between automotive design and fashion, exemplified by the Cadillac Centroid project. This visionary concept envisions Cadillac as a pioneer of electric luxury performance, incorporating the essence of oversized suits to redefine the brand's image. With its harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, and boldness, the Centroid represents a future where automotive design and fashion converge seamlessly. Cadillac's commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards reinforces its dedication to innovation and a reimagined luxury experience.




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