At 4AM every morning, my day starts with a 20-minute meditation prayer, a 60-minute Peloton bike ride, and my TIDAL Beast Mode Playlist. Rising at 4AM every day requires an ultra-special level of motivation.  

Selecting and curating the best music is crucial to enduring the pain.  The first track is “All About The Benjamins,” and my favorite part of the track is hearing Lil Kim say, “Wanna rumble with the Bee, huh”?!  

Lil Kim’s chaotic energy, epic boldness, and classic Hip-Hop delivery simultaneously energize my inner willpower to ride. Lil Kim’s music is an unconventional force of nature, and she illuminates every verse.  

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur K.SAFA  represents the new breed of Hip-Hop talent in 2021.  K.SAFA owns her label, brand, and music publishing company.   

In 2019, K.SAFA released the seven-track album ‘SAFA SZN’ to critical acclaim. ‘SAFA SZN’ reflects her diverse lyrical content and signature rapid-fire rap delivery.   

K.SAFA’s rap delivery enables her to intelligently illustrate her lifestyle, pain, and creative genius in a trademark Hip-Hop flow.  K.SAFA’s voice, adlibs, and tone dominate on every track.   

K.SAFA’s music showcases a high level of emotional intelligence and God-given performance ability.  K.SAFA’s spirit, swag, and natural rap instincts accentuate her music production.    

K.SAFA’s music highlights the passion, struggle, promise, and street dreams of Music Millennials worldwide.  K.SAFA released the hustler anthem ‘HUSSLE’ in 2020, and the track gained instant popularity via social media.   

K.SAFA’s music narrates the mentality of every young person securing the bag in life.  K.SAFA’s music is the true definition of ‘OUT OF THE MUD’ and creates a special connection with her authentic fanbase.  K.SAFA’s music label has distributed multiple projects since 2019, and in 2021, the saga continues.  K.SAFA is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  In 2021, K.SAFA entered into a strategic music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is a leading monetization branding agency for Music Millennials.   


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