Photo provided by: Kettie Munroe (@kettiemunroemusic)


Never looking backward is a powerful lesson in change.  

Most people exist in regret and never 'live.' People naturally become engulfed by fear when a failure occurs, changing paths to less resistance. Making mistakes, facing uncontrollable fears, defeating doubt, and enduring unimaginable pain are part of becoming a supreme being.

Natural-born visionaries possess amnesia when it applies to failures. Seeing only what's ahead and never focusing on uncontrollable things. Visionaries understand that real lessons are tied to mistakes, and applied wisdom arises from pain.   


Kettie Munroe is controlling her narrative in 2022  

Kettie Munroe's life is not what it appears to be on social media. Pure animal ambition is behind the beauty, exotic travel, and Hollywood smile. Kettie Munroe's life story includes every element of struggle, adversity, betrayal, aspiration, and faith.   

Being born with the divine ability to perform is a game-changing talent. Performing live, dancing, entertaining, and singing are gifts from God to Kettie Munroe. She electrifies any room, stage, or moment when performing.   

Her capacity to capture and mesmerize people's imagination is unrivaled. Kettie infuses pop, EDM, and R&B music genres into her sound, creating a musical masterpiece.  

She is making major online noise with her latest release, Let Go, which has been heavily played on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami via iHeartRadio. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is a multi-faceted subdivision of RADIOPUSHERS. 


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