God's master plan is reflected in the compelling, painful, beautiful journey of a woman. To survive, a "black woman" faces a reality that is far beyond what can be imagined and demands "QUEEN" style grace. Strong women are mesmerizing, defiant, and masterful. 

A person's strength must, however, be calculated and leveraged appropriately in order to be effective. People's most passionate, personal, and vulnerable feelings are stirred up by heartfelt affairs. 

In the game of love, figuring out someone's heart condition and true intentions places you on the euphoric edge of insanity. As "eyes are windows to the soul," even when a person's mind is at peace, the imminent threat of uncertainty remains a threat to their mind. 

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Kiyana is a shooting star in the world of R&B music.  Kiyana’s music contains deep emotional connections with its listeners.  Kiyana’s capacity of translating pain and love into beautiful lyrics of love.  Kiyana’s life story reads like a Hollywood movie.   

Kiyana’s life story contains betrayal, love, abandonment, economic struggles, strong family ties, and undeniable music passion.  Kiyana’s music career is supremely decorated and critically acclaimed by heavyweights in music.   

Her voice is globally recognized as ‘phenomenal’ and created numerous music opportunities.  Billboard Magazine ranked Kiyana’s music inside the Top 100 which certified her God-given talent.  

Kiyana blessed the world with a jaw-dropping performance on Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow TV series.  Millions of people witnessed Kiyana’s musical gift and cosigned her moment of elevation.  Kiyana’s path to fame is just beginning and it’s a road less traveled.  Kiyana runs her own label, management company, and TV/Film enterprise.  Kiyana is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  In 2021, KIYANA entered into a strategic music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is a leading monetization branding agency for Music Millennials.  

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