Existing as marginalized musically for a long, the New York Times in 2009 identified Atlanta as the epicenter of Hip-Hop. Living up to its name Atlanta is also nicknamed the black mecca of Hip-Hop. Being born and raised in Atlanta Lady Queet is a burgeoning success in hip-hop circles.   

Lady Queet launched her entertainment imprint in 2011, Picture-Perfect Studio, which commands respect and has a significant following. 


Photo Credit: Lady Queet 


Lady Queet's rap skill set makes her unique among her contemporaries. Narrating epic tales of poverty, systemic racism, domestic violence, opulence, and love, Lady Queet's lyrical flow is unmatched. Transforming the darkest portions of her soul into powerful lyrical chords of inspiration remains her greatest asset.  

One of her greatest successes is owning Picture Perfect Studios, which consists of a record label, music production, television, and film division, and a publishing company. Pushing her to fame is the radio smash "Hell of a Day," released in 2017, dominating streaming platforms.   

Understanding her purpose in life, Lady Queet's vision is crystal-clear in 2021. Taking advantage of cross-branding and monetization, Lady Queet has launched numerous business ventures across multiple countries. Creating generational wealth and empowering her community are top priorities for Lady Queet heading into 2022.   

A female lion's triumph in a jungle correlates with Lady Queet's success in Atlanta. She's always protecting her territory and never settles for below Lady Queet's standards.  Lady Queet executed a global digital branding deal with RADIOPUSHERS in 2021.  RADIOPUSHERS focuses on creating human-growth monetization strategies for artists.  

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