In February of this year, LEADERJACK, a brand recognized for its comfortable and well-fitting denim jeans, will launch a new website and run a sale.

LEADERJACK is a denim brand with a fully integrated production system from fabric to product, offering high-quality items at affordable prices. LEAEDERJACK uses fabric that had been verified through the weaving process and patterns that had gone through dozens of fitting tests to optimize the fit. It became a popular brand among foreign and domestic celebrities by adopting the Spanish Washing System and various delicate denim washing techniques.

In particular, the company is striving to develop eco-denim "ECO JEAN" in response to the recent global trend of rising environmental concerns. When compared to conventional processes, LEADERJACK's 'Magic Washing' method saves an average of 60% and up to 80% of the water required for the production of jeans. Furthermore, it can cut the energy cost for temperature control and chemical use in half, and reduce wastewater production by 70%.

The launch of its website is the first step toward promoting the LEADERJACK brand and exploring its international export opportunities. It will have both Korean and English translations and a quick link to the purchasing page. With the launch of the website, LEADERJACK aims to spread the excellence of LEADERJACK's jeans beyond Korea and into the global market.

"LEADERJACK jeans are already going viral with our reasonable prices and high quality," said an official of LEADERJACK, adding, "We will endlessly look into the production process and good quality products that care about the environment and the Earth in the future."

The LEADERJACK website ( is scheduled to launch in February, with information on the discount event available via a pop-up on the website.


- Company Name: leaderjack company

- Contact Person: jung dongil

- Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Phone : 02-2231-6793/010-5277-5248

- Country: korea

- Website:

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