Ladies, gentlemen, I think it’s not only time we start accepting, but praising, Miss Lisa Bree Hoggarth.

Who is Lisa Bree Hoggarth?
The one, who in 2020, buys a Gold Dress, sings Happy Birthday JFK by Marilyn Monroe to Instagram and claims, “hallways_are_runways.” Remember back to 2020 lockdown days and you’ll recall Pyjamas.

Miss Hoggarth, the only supermodel in the world to hear the sorrowful cries of fashion leaders, who screamed in pain. This little Lisa Bree Hoggarth who is 174cm tall said, “I have an idea” and with that idea she proceeded to entertain, beautify and make a positive impact in a severely dark time. No one really believed in what she was aiming for with hallways are runways, pyjamas were taking precedence over everything else for the most, but Lisa stood her ground. She knew she had a concept and a bright idea that involved her working everyday for her profession as a model. Talk about innovative. Talk about superstardom. Talk about Lisa Bree Hoggarth. Talk about Neighbours (the T.V Show) who in 2021 tried to discredit Lisa’s concept by putting their model on a hallway and captioning “every hallway is a runway.” Talk about influence and the whole world is talking about the rise of a girl with heart, leadership as sharp as Gandhi, looks as piercing as the sun, a talent among men.

Lisa putting Vogue Australia to shame when she tried to get their involvement in the early stages of her concept, only to receive silent treatment as a response. She has shaken the constraints loose of what it means to really give a f&@! And if you already dislike her after hearing about how bright she shines, you’re just going to have to put up with the fact that she is not going anywhere and moreover you will be seeing her face more —- and more. Lisa Bree Hoggarth, 2020 Covid Nineteen Fashion Heroine, The Only Supermodel In The World.

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