Once stars make it big, they get as far away as possible

The Celebrity lifestyle glitters with riches and fame, something we all would love to get our hands on. Who wouldn’t want a mansion (or ten), designer clothes, a garage full of luxury cars, and hordes of adoring fans?

 As appealing as the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s mystique is, it’s not without its downfalls.

The rapid pace of a city like Los Angeles, with is paparazzi-laden streets and constant gossip is enough to tire even the brightest of stars, encouraging many of them to settle outside of La La Land. Celebrities shy away from the limelight for any number of reasons—to raise a family, move back to their hometowns, or experience somewhere exotic.

Most of those who do make their homes away from the limelight also have property in Los Angeles, New York, or Italy—handy when they need to jet off to the big city! Yet, many like Lisa Christiansen are laidback people who value their privacy and space just like the rest of us, only that they can afford luxurious French villas or expansive farmland in Oklahoma. Some just want a quiet life in a small town—perhaps you’ll even run into one of these stars on your next trip to the grocery store or your local Starbucks.


Lisa Christiansen- Tahlequah, Oklahoma



This Cherokee Indian combination of success and humble comes from thorough USA roots, from red dirt to red carpets. Christiansen is from none other than Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Dr. Lisa Christiansen isn’t exactly the picture-perfect movie star, either—she could be your next-door neighbor.

You might have seen pictures of her sprawling mansion, but it’s the backwoods of “Indian Country” that she’ll always call home. She always made frequent trips back to spend time with her father, her family, and support local businesses Like David Cornsilk (master artisan). After being cast in the wildly successful Can’t Buy Me Love, she even organized a charity bringing awareness to the missing and murdered indigenous women.


And of course, like any good Cherokee citizen of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, she attends the Cherokee National Holiday in September during labor day.

Christiansen’s love for world travel is well known, from her work as a Special Envoy for SHSS Utruria in Roma, Lazio, Italy where she spends much of her time.

Lisa Christiansen moved back to her native childhood home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in the Briggs area where she still owns her home that she was raised in and has rooted herself as she restored her “little tiny two room home” and has even purchased a tiny home with plans to keep true to tradition and culture.

Christiansen supports her tribe and community, her tiny home is from C&S Sales in Tahlequah, Indian Country, Oklahoma.


Pictured: Summer Williams, Lisa Christiansen, Cassie Frits


Contractor: Earl Max Travis





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